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  • laryoung
    Hi Nadene: Please call me Larry. Laurence is too formal and it is also a surname on my mother s side, an old anglo-saxon custom. Last night s e-mail contained
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      Hi Nadene:

      Please call me Larry. Laurence is too formal and it is also a surname on my mother's side, an old anglo-saxon custom. Last night's e-mail contained a message from ftdna with the deep clade results, I am a Q1b. I have the M242, P36.2, and M378 mutations. My mother's haplogroup is H. Thus I have shovel-shaped incisors because: a, my father's ancestry is from a nomadic Siberian/Mongolian tribe; b, my mother has a Native American in her line; c, both a and b, Mendel's Law applies; or d, I was looking through a fetal parts catalog while in the womb and liked the shape of the teeth. Anyway, it will be interesting to see if any of my new found cousins have shovel-shaped incisors. So far I have not found any within the group of my mother's family.


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      > Hi Laurence,
      > Welcome to the Q1b's. At 67 markers, which is what my brother has been tested with, we have been defined as M378 or Q1b. You do have an interesting background. I hope your deep clade test will give you more important information. It would be great if you are part Cherokee. That's such a great tribe with an amazing history. But if you're a Q1b, I believe that is a much later group or different branch of Q's. . Native Americans are Q3 or Q4, as I remember. Maybe that group would be on your mother's side. Isn't it possible that with settlers from the 1600' s on they could have intermarried with women here? It happened to us in our Jewish history all the time.
      > Nadene
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      > Hi Cousins:
      > My name is Laurence Young, nickname Larry, and I've been tested at ftdna as a Q M242 and since I closely match many of you e.g. a genetic distance of 4 at the 67 marker level for one of you, I signed up for the deep clade test as well with the result expected in late April. I have sent my family details to Barry Zwick and he has already assisted me in solving an issue. Thanks Barry.
      > Barry asked me why I took the dna test and one of the reasons may surprise many of you, I have shovel-shaped incisors. As you may or may not know shovel-shaped incisors are found in Native Americans and Siberian tribes, not in Europeans. Any dentists or anthropologists in the group please respond if I'm wrong. I took the test because I've been searching for a Native American in my mother's tree and her family is Scots, Scotch-Irish and English and some branches have been in North America since the late 1600's. I was stunned to find out I was a Q M242 and matched many of you and that I'm probably an M378 (Q1b) as well. My dental hygienist, who is part Cherokee, still thinks I'm part Cherokee too.
      > I'd like to know how many of you also have shovel-shaped incisors? It could add another step in the proof of our Siberian/Mongolian heritage. If none of you have them then I'd better continue the hunt for the Native American.
      > Lastly, I have been visiting this web site reading all the postings and I'm about a third of the way through them, (do you know how long it takes to go through 1200 messages) so it is about time I joined.
      > Larry Young
      Hi Larry, My mother was also an H. I believe that almost half of the European women are H. My mother s mother was from a little town in northern Sweden
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        Hi Larry,

        My mother was also an H. I believe that almost half of the European women are H. My mother's mother was from a little town in northern Sweden called Lumsheden. Her family had been there for centuries. It turned out that my mother's brother married a lady who was also an H, and her famiy were from Germany or Austria. My Swedish grandmother married a Yankee born in Vermont whose family could have been here since the Mayflower, since the oral tradition is that they came over on the ship after that one. He was a Robinson, and I've hit a brick wall trying to go past the great grandfather. Vermont was loaded with Robinsons with different haplogroups.

        So you're the same as my father's line. We happen to be Jewish. I figure that my grandfather came from Lithuania since another Goldfoot family who kept better records came from there. Q1b's make up about 5% of the Jewish population.

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