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Fwd: GAP Tools for Family Finder Tests

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  • Rebekah Adele Canada
    FYI Gang. ... Regards, Rebekah A. Canada Volunteer Administrator, Family Tree DNA H & HV mtDNA Hg Project Q Y-DNA Hg Project, I-P109 Y-DNA Hg Project,
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 4, 2010
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      FYI Gang. 

      Rebekah A. Canada
      Volunteer Administrator, Family Tree DNA
      H & HV mtDNA Hg Project
      Q Y-DNA Hg Project, I-P109 Y-DNA Hg Project, Scandinavian Y-DNA Project

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      GAP Tools for Family Finder Tests

      Hello Project Administrator,

      As we have previously informed you, we recently announced our new Family Finder test, which tests autosomal DNA to look for close relationships along all ancestral lines.

      Shortly, two new sections will be added to your GAP pages. These sections will give you tools to view and compare your participants’ Family Finder test results.

      As you know from our previous notification, Family Finder uses linked blocks of DNA across the 22 autosomal chromosomes and matches them between two people. Our bioinformatics team has worked extensively to develop the calculations that tell you the closeness of the relationship. The possibilities for matching include aunts and uncles, parents and grandparents, siblings, half siblings, 1st cousins and up to 4th cousins, and possibly 5th cousins and beyond.

      Having Family Finder results can be a great complement to your project in several ways. For members whose paper trail is tenuous or nonexistent who match other group members, a Family Finder comparison can verify if they are recently related and suggest what their relationship most likely is. Where you have a large collection of members whose relationship is unknown and who have a common set of DNA results, the Family Finder comparison may be able to pick out which ones are more closely related and which ones are distantly related, allowing you to divide these members into family branches. Projects focused on a particular geographic area may find Family Finder results useful in identifying common results and relationships that are not from the direct paternal or direct maternal lines.

      Family Finder is by no means a replacement for Y-DNA or mtDNA testing - on the contrary, it can be used as a very relevant complement.

      For this reason, we are making the tools to compare members’ Family Finder results available to group administrators. Please note that this sections may contain only a few or no results at this time. The Family Finder test will officially launch in a few weeks. You may encourage your members to sign up from their personal page to be notified when the test is launched.

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