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    Oct 2 7:49 AM
      Chris, Jean Auel's books have a lot of research in them that is presented in a novel way.  I love her books and never thought it was so close to home as far as our heritage went.  Nadene
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      Rebekkah,  Q1*  was a Mammoth hunter, we are so the Clanof the cave bear!!! I am just saying!!

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      Hi Adam,
      Q does not have its origins in Siberia. :-) To see a migration map or Q you may login to your FTDNA account. On the left look for the Haplotree link. Once the Haplotree loads look at the top for the orange migration map button. Click that. Each node is click able with additional information.
      Q and its brother clade R both arose in Central Asia from their parent haplogroup P. It is likely that both had branches that back migrated into the middle east.

      On Thu, Oct 1, 2009 at 10:18 PM, adam_bratter <adam_bratter@ yahoo.com> wrote:
      Dear Alfred and fellow board members

      One thing me and my father have decided is that our paternal ancestry probably does not go back to the middle east as the Y Haplogroup Q started in Siberia - so years of thinking we were Jews in terms of having origins back to the ancient state of Israel is false.



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