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769Re: Q* versus Q1b

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  • dshowardca
    Sep 4, 2009
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      I have sent you a detailed reply under separate cover.

      I have also spent quite a bit of time regrouping people at the Jewish_Q site at Family Tree DNA.

      While your mtDNA shows your mother is Irish your yDNA is Jewish Q. You appear to be a Q1b because people on either side of you have been tested and are Jewish Q's.

      Your closest matches in our group are Susan Berkson and Brian Baraban.

      Thanks for the family history.

      I encourage others to take a look at the new groupings.

      In the category where I say not Q1b I have looked at their family origins and I see no Jewish matches. Unless that person has the deep clade test for SNP M378 I say they are not Q1b unless they can prove differently.

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