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601RE: [Ashkenazi-Q] Welcome to Our Group - M242 is Generic Q - M378 is Q1b

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  • christopher baysinger
    May 9, 2009
      Kevin, I had the same thoughts when I first got my Q from National Geographic, but FTDNA confirmed I was Q1b, my closest matches are people descended from the same Swiss Protestant line, going back to the 16th century. remember that many Jews either were forcibly converted, converted of their own free will, or were removed from their Jewish families, to protect them from persecution or to assimilate them. [Particularly after the great plague of 1348 and the various Crusades]

      I have noticed the Swiss Protestants have a 385a-b value of 15 and 16, an Italian is 15-17, a Pakistan Q is 12-16, and an Azorean Q is 13-16.

      Christopher D. Baysinger, cdbaysinger@...

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      From: kevrik@...
      Date: Sun, 10 May 2009 05:45:45 +0900
      Subject: Re: [Ashkenazi-Q] Welcome to Our Group - M242 is Generic Q - M378 is Q1b

      Thanks for the reply and information. I've been in contact with
      someone whose DNA is an exact match of mine (and Huff's) who
      corresponded with someone quite knowledgeable about DNA, who wrote him
      that, "M378 is the SNP for Q1b. This is what Jim Cullen's prediction
      tool is truly matching your brother and cousin to." and also that,
      "Although you are a pretty good match to the Huffs, I suspect that the
      connection goes back to just before the adoption of surnames in the
      1500s and early 1600s. The major values that set you apart from other
      Q1bs are your DYS385a-b=13, 13 results. A value of 14,16 is the norm."
      This person also advised my source to check this list out, which is
      why I am here.
      I'll share this in private if you like; I just don't want to post
      something in its entirety without permission. I'll also send you my
      numbers privately. I was tested by Ancestry. I'd hope to avoid paying
      for another test, but if I have to go to FTDNA, I can.
      Mind you, I'm not married to the idea of being Q1b; from what I
      understand about Q makes it quite odd I would even be a member of this
      haplogroup, let alone a subgroup. I do have Dutch ancestors through
      another line, and I studied them, so I am familiar with both old and
      New Netherlands.
      See http://wc.rootsweb. ancestry. com/cgi-bin/ igm.cgi?db= kevrik2
      which also has all my notes.
      Take care,

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