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596Welcome to Our Group - M242 is Generic Q - M378 is Q1b

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  • Dave Howard
    May 9, 2009

      Welcome to our group.

      This DNA stuff is interesting and at times quite confusing.

      Please look over the list of messages and go to message 581. Click on the chart link in that message. Or,

      Click Here

      You will see that if you have M242 you are a generic Q. You need to have M378 to be a Q1b.

      Where did you have your yDNA tested? If it was at Family Tree DNA please join our Jewish_Q group there.

      If you did not test at Family Tree DNA have you entered your data at YSearch  or Ancestry.com  ?

      See if you have close matches to those who have been tested to be Q1b.

      As a last resort you can send your results to me privately and I will put them on my big Excel Spreadsheet and see how you fit in with the rest of us. Here is my email address: dshoward@... .

      I spent a little time looking up Paulus Dirkse Huff and it looks like a very old American Family that has roots in the Netherlands. Many of the early immigrants to America came for religious freedom. The followers of the reformationists had lived in the Netherlands before they went to Scotland and England and then came to America.

      I am wondering if your ancestors had the tradition of being Jewish?

      So far 99% of Europeans with the M378 marker are of Jewish ancestry.

      You are certainly welcome to hang around our group. However, you might want to look into your matches with tested Q1b's or have your SNPs tested. (Unless you know that Huff was Jewish.)

      Kind regards,

      Dave Howard

      --- In Ashkenazi-Q@yahoogroups.com, "Kevin R" <kevrik@...> wrote:
      > I have just joined, and thought I would introduce myself. Although I have been working on my tree for 10 years, I only had my DNA tested last fall. According to Jim Cullen's Hapolgroup predictor, I am Q-M242, which I think makes me a Q1b. I seem to be a DNA match for the descendants of Paulus Dirkse Huff, which is strange as my last name is Riley.
      > But there is a break in my line pre-1809, when my last known ancestor left home after a huge fight with his father. I am now thinking he changed his name as well as his address. We are from New Jersey, and there are a number of Huffs living there in that era.
      > I look forward to learning more about DNA, and this whole Q business, and seeing how I fit in.
      > Take care,
      > Kevin
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