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487Re: [Ashkenazi-Q] Anything New?

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    Oct 23, 2008
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      Dear Nadene,

      The Russian Academy of DNA Genealogy, recently discussed FTDNA
      The Ashina/Bulanid Royal Dynasty (Imperial Clan) DNA Project,
      where I am administrator.

      It has been mainly accepted that this is so far the most founded
      proposal. As matter in fact one of academy members analysed /in
      tables/ even further our genetic data in haplogroup Q.

      And,latest findings of Q1b mutation speaks in that direction, too
      /closer biolog. connection with certain population of
      west-central Asia/.

      I have asked for further information /for better understanding/
      from Russia, but I didnt received so far any reply.



      Citiram NADENE GOLDFOOT <goldfoot1@...>:

      > Well, since you asked, does anyone lay claim to being related to the
      > Gaon of Vilna? I've heard from two sources in my distant family that
      > they are.
      > Here's something I copied a while back about the history of Lithuania.
      > "The first Jews to settle in Lithuania in the 11th century came from
      > the land of the Khazars, on the lower Volga River, from Crimea on the
      > Black Sea and from Bohemia. Originally, the Jews came to the land of
      > the Khazars from the Byzantine kingdom, where they had been
      > oppressed. The Khazars had welcomed the Jews and later had been
      > converted to Judaism. When the Khazars were overrun by the Mongols
      > and Russians, the Jews settled in Lithuania, whose rulers, at that
      > time, were extremely tolerant." Of course, it hasn't been proven
      > that Q1 is from Khazaria, but it's a theory, I guess. Anymore
      > information on Khazars?
      > Nadene
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