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  • Alessandro Biondo
    Jul 1, 2008
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      I am totally with you.

      In effect, apart the starting point of mythology (that I clearly
      segregated in a different part of my comment), my reasoning was
      focused on some of the facts you also point: the core presence on
      Ashkenazim groups, the presence also among other Jewish groups (I
      cited Mizrahi Jews as an example of a Jewish group living in the
      Levant from long time), the high haplotype diversity in Turkey
      (Cinnioglu), but I add also in Lebanon and among Druze (Zalloua and
      What I can argue from these facts (both the presence among different
      Jewish groups and the high diversity in Turkey and in the Levant) is
      that there is a good possibility of an ancient presence of Q, and in
      particular of "Ashkenazi Q", among peoples that lived in the Middle
      Eastern and Levant area. That is what I see, apart the myths to which
      I deserve no other role than a fun pastime. What I can add is that the
      Levant is a convenient area not only for the spread of "Ashkenazi Q"
      among the different Jewish populations (Ashkenazi, Sephardi, Mizrahi,
      Berber, and so on), but also, for the spread in all the Mediterranean
      area through the Phoenicians, or some other seafaring people (for
      example this could be the origin of the documented Q in Sardinia,
      Sicily, and in some area of Spain and North Africa, all of them having
      had Phoenician town).

      Concerning the peoples from the Gulf of Oman, do you refer to the
      Yemenite Jews or have you other paper studying this area? If so,
      please give me the reference because it's very interesting.


      --- In Ashkenazi-Q@yahoogroups.com, "Rebekah Canada"
      <rebekahthorn@...> wrote:
      > Let us discard mythology. Let us discard documents that cannot be
      > linked to DNA. That takes us back to looking at where Q (not Ket Q or
      > Amerindian Q) is now.
      > It is now in the Ashkenazi Jewish population.
      > It is now in the Karaite Jewish population.
      > It is now in the Sephardi Jewish population.
      > It is now found among peoples from the Gulf of Oman.
      > It is found in the older settlements of Crete.
      > It has a high diversity in Turkey.
      > It is found in Pakistan.
      > and so forth...
      > In the Ashkenazi population it has its highest diversity and highest
      > percentage in Germans.
      > It is in the Amish/Mennonite population.
      > We need to break these places down more exactly and look at every
      > opportunity that one has had to move to another. I think that we
      > should look at the most recent 100 years first.:-) Then we may move
      > back to the most recent 200 years... We have a larger sample of
      > Ashkenazi Qs than any of the papers. What can we do with that?
      > Many ships records and the Hamburg records are now up at Ancestry.com.
      > Maybe we should talk about immigration?:-)
      > --
      > Peace and Light,
      > Rebekah
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