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1689Perfect Match?

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  • andrew.ackerman@rocketmail.com
    Sep 18, 2012
      I am new to this group and I was not raised Jewish. My Y-DNA was Haplogroup Q, M242, and on a 67 marker test, I am a perfect match to another member of this group. I know nothing about my paternal ancestry, so I can't use surnames to trace my lineage. But since I am a perfect match (0 step)... where is it logical to look in the generations for a common ancestor?
      The person I match with is the same age as I am and we live far away from one another. Since Y-DNA is between father and son....would that mean that a brother would also share that same link? For example, if he knows his paternal line back to his grandfather...and his grandfather had 2 brothers...wouldn't all 3 of them share the same Y-DNA? And if all three of the brothers shared the same Y-DNA, then wouldn't all their sons share it also? But eventually, as we went back in time, we would meet at a common great+ grandfather at some point. Am I thinking straight on this?
      Are there any educated guesses how many generations back a perfect match at 67 markers might be? I was extremely lucky to find a perfect match, especially since I know nothing about my father or his family. Any help or guidance that you can give me would be greatly appreciated. I am fairly advanced at research, but I have never specifically researched Jewish heritage.
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