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1669Re: [Ashkenazi-Q] How old the is the subgroup Q1b1a ?

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  • king harold
    May 15, 2012
      It would be unrealistic to think that arabic tribes native to Arabia did not mix and occasionally experience intermariage with newcomers from central asia (hittites, turks, indoeuropean persians, etc)

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      Hi Nawaf and Brian, we have found Ashkenazi Jews with Q1b1a like my father's line.  5% of Jews today are of Q1b1, and Jews make up a small % of the world population, less than 1%.  Jews were in Saudi Arabia living in Medina, etc.  There had been two expulsions at different periods from Jerusalem where they were taken captive, and in the trek or something, managed to live there.  So it's possible your ancestor  was of a tribe of Jews that had converted.  I know, I was surprised, too.  Nadene
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      Hello Nawaf:
      It might seem strange at first but when you study ancient middle eastern history one thing stands out; The history of the Near East is just a list of  human migrations (invasions). The Hittites and  Hyksos, were non-semetic and likely from central Asia, the Medes, the Persians, the Turks (Altaics and could be a reasonable Q contribution).
      It goes to show you that can never really know exactly who you are...

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      Subject: [Ashkenazi-Q] How old the is the subgroup Q1b1a ?

      Hi, I got my dna results recently and was kinda of surprised,because I belong to relatively old Arabic tribe in Saudi Arabia. I tried looking up info on q1b1a, but all that I can seem to find is general info on the main group Q, saying that originated 15,000-20,000 years ago etc. I'm wondering when did the q1b1a subgroup originate ? and where ?


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