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1648Re: My mysterious lineage

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  • Michael Jaron
    Jan 15, 2012
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      Hello Jim,

      I see that you teach English, so i can assume that you are familiar with Orwell and his book "1984",  Part of the theme revolves around three slogans (Sound Bytes): War Is Peace
      Freedom is Slavery
      Ignorance is Strength

      The first one exemplifies the role of Scapegoating:  Why did the Bishop(s) of Rome establish the first ghettos and place economic limitations upon Jewish activity?  The answer is in what afterwards!  The limitations and ghettos enabled the success of the Venetian Merchants.

      The king of France used religious heresy as a means to destroy the Knights Templar.  In this way, he could avoid paying his debts to them!  (Sound familiar?)

      On JEWISHGEN, Warren Blatt discusses the issue of conscription.  In his FAQ, he points out that it is at best, a small part of the reason for Jewish Migrations.  What happened in Europe following the French Revolution?  What you have is the development of Revolutionary Movements and other forms of social unrest.  One of the means used to stem the tide of this unrest was by way of the Black Hundreds in the Russian Empire.  It was a group sanctioned by both the government and the church.  (My grandfather barely escaped there onslaught.

      War is Peace - isn't it?

      Genealogy provides a microcosm of the experience of a group or identity.  Within the time span of a little more than 100 years, my family can be found in approximately 26 states (plus).  The gamut of identity, whereby some no longer identify as Jews.  Compare that time span to the 1200 years since Charlemagne encouraged Jewish settlement in his EMPIRE.  An empire that encompasses most of what is present day Europe.  Do you think they needed a Passport?

      Mike Jaron
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