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1647Re: My mysterious lineage

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  • Dave
    Jan 14, 2012
      Dear Dr. Jim,

      I found you at FamilyTreeDNA. At 12 markers you match me and 231 other people exactly.

      As far as I can tell we are 99% Ashkenazi Jewish.

      I suggest you do the following for your next steps.

      1. Join the Jewish_Q surname group at Family Tree DNA.
      2. Join the Q Y-DNA group at Family Tree DNA.
      3. You need to have more STRs tested. That means going from 12 markers to say 67. This will really reduce the number of exact matches.
      4. At this time do not waste your time having SNPs tested. You will get far more interesting information from having STRs tested.
      5. If you are interested in your mother's background you might have your mtDNA tested.
      6. If you would like to find close relatives in the database then you should join the Family Finder at Family Tree DNA and pay for that test. I think that will replace or include #5.
      7. If you are interested in health issues in your DNA then consider being tested at 23andME.com.

      For sure do steps #1 and #2. They are free. Step #1 will let me help you. Step #2 will let a whole group of interesting people help you.

      Do not worry about the L245. Your STRs will give you a good idea of your SNPs. You are most likely Q1b1a.

      Dave Howard
      Group Administrator for Jewish_Q
      Moderator of this Group (Ashkenazi-Q)

      PS We enjoy your posts and there are some very nice, friendly, and helpful people here. Some know 10x more about this stuff than I do.

      PS My wife thinks Frank Langella is the sexiest man in the world after Sean Connery.

      --- In Ashkenazi-Q@yahoogroups.com, "J" <jvonschilling@...> wrote:
      > I just joined this group after finding out via the Genographic Project that I'm in Haplogroup Q - M242.
      > The mystery comes from the fact that my father, who died 50 years ago, was most likely an imposter who did a very good job of covering his tracks. He was a "Don Draper" (Mad Men on TV)-type guy, working on Wall Street and living in the suburbs with a wife and kids. He had a Germanic last name and a story about his background that has proven to be very dubious.
      > I'm joining this group because of the following:
      > (1) It makes sense that he might have been hiding a Jewish background, since other young men from that time (1920s) did the same thing.
      > (2) My DYS chart from the Genographic Project is almost a match to one that I found online for Ashkenazi-Q's. The only difference was DYS439 -- I have a value of 12 instead of 16.
      > (I also have a DYS385a of 14 and a DYS385b of 16, but there is no listing for those DYS's in the Ashkenazi-Q table I saw online.)
      > I realized awhile back that the only clues my Dad seemed to have left me are the ones I carry inside me -- and my DNA, in particular. My facial features are a little unusual -- somewhat like Frank Langella's. If I were in show biz, I could probably play a villain who's Spanish (which is my mom's lineage) or Arabic or Jewish or maybe even Asian -- but not the German that the last name I got from my father would seem to indicate.
      > I'm open to suggestions as to how to proceed from here.
      > Jim
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