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1642Re: [Ashkenazi-Q] My mysterious lineage

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  • James Von Schilling
    Jan 14, 2012
      Hi Nadene,

      Thanks for the info and also for the offer to help. The problem with doing the genealogy search is that I don't think the last name my father used was his original last name. There are people who are familiar with the background of the "Von Schilling" family, and we've had a little contact in the past. It just seems that their story is entirely different from the story my father told and that there's no place in their family history where my father seemed to fit in.

      I've done some searching of census records, although maybe not as much as I could. Again, the problem is that I don't really know what last name my father had when he was growing up.


      >>> "NADENE GOLDFOOT" 01/13/12 1:02 PM >>>
      Hi Jim,
      I just checked our alleles and my brother has the same results that you do on 439 and 385a. Our surname is Goldfoot, which is anglicized from Goldfus in Yiddish, Goldfuss in German. Jews were in Germany and from there branched out into Eastern Europe. ours went to Telsiai, Lithuania. After doing the 67 allele test and a few others we are listed as Q1b1 and are Ashkenazi Jewish. There are many surnames that are German and also Jewish with no connection between the two groups. This is true of Goldfoot. There is another group that are of a completely different haplogroup. Jews had to buy names eventually when the countries wanted taxes from the people, and were given a list to choose from, usually.

      Luckily, my father and his mother and siblings were alive and we lived in the same city that he was born in. I've had to do a lot of searching to find the origins were Telsiai. The only hint I had was the 1910 census in that his father came from "Russia." My grandfather died in an accident in 1912. Have you done a genealogy search and check the census records carefully? If you need help in this, my email is goldfoot1@.... I'd be willing to help look for you if you contact me right away before my subsc to ancestry stops.


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      Subject: [Ashkenazi-Q] My mysterious lineage

      I just joined this group after finding out via the Genographic Project that I'm in Haplogroup Q - M242.

      The mystery comes from the fact that my father, who died 50 years ago, was most likely an imposter who did a very good job of covering his tracks. He was a "Don Draper" (Mad Men on TV)-type guy, working on Wall Street and living in the suburbs with a wife and kids. He had a Germanic last name and a story about his background that has proven to be very dubious.

      I'm joining this group because of the following:

      (1) It makes sense that he might have been hiding a Jewish background, since other young men from that time (1920s) did the same thing.

      (2) My DYS chart from the Genographic Project is almost a match to one that I found online for Ashkenazi-Q's. The only difference was DYS439 -- I have a value of 12 instead of 16.

      (I also have a DYS385a of 14 and a DYS385b of 16, but there is no listing for those DYS's in the Ashkenazi-Q table I saw online.)

      I realized awhile back that the only clues my Dad seemed to have left me are the ones I carry inside me -- and my DNA, in particular. My facial features are a little unusual -- somewhat like Frank Langella's. If I were in show biz, I could probably play a villain who's Spanish (which is my mom's lineage) or Arabic or Jewish or maybe even Asian -- but not the German that the last name I got from my father would seem to indicate.

      I'm open to suggestions as to how to proceed from here.

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