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1641Re: My mysterious lineage

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  • Albert Benhamou
    Jan 13, 2012
      Hi Jim
      A Von “Schilling” working in Wall Street? The tracks were not so well hidden.The plot is over :-)
      More seriously, with Q1b1, you have most certainly Jewish descent, even if one would have to go back some 2000-2500 years ago. Our Q1b group started to spread out as early of the height of the Jewish state, sine Solomon times, because Jews at the times travelled to neighbouring people, were doing trade etc. A sort of Diaspora started then. Jews moved away at later times too, to avoid invasions, enslavement, etc. until the fall of the Judean state under Roman rule, c. ~135CE. There was a 1000 years of diaspora movements. The result is that Jews mixed up with many people, such as Scythians and other, and migrated inside Europe to fight the Romans much later on, depicted as “Barbarians”. The first origin of the “Ashkenazim” Jews is from these “barbarian” eastern tribes that populated Europe (Ashkenaz is cited in the Bible as being the father of Scythian people). Other Jews came to Europe much later, via the Roman Empire, before and after the fall of the Second Temple (70CE). They spread inside the empire and later mixed up with the original “Ashkenazim” Jews when the Roman empire fell. Another 1000 years later, there was no difference of “Ashkenazim” origins, but the difference can be seen today in the genes... So you find Q1b people among Ashkenazim and also among other Jewish ethnics. I am myself from Berber Jews, and my ancestors populated Northern Africa way before the Romans came and destroyed Carthage. And yet I have very similar genes compared to yours with DYS439=11, DYS385a=15 and DYS385b=16.
      Welcome to the club !
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