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1638My mysterious lineage

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    Dec 16, 2011
      I just joined this group after finding out via the Genographic Project that I'm in Haplogroup Q - M242.

      The mystery comes from the fact that my father, who died 50 years ago, was most likely an imposter who did a very good job of covering his tracks. He was a "Don Draper" (Mad Men on TV)-type guy, working on Wall Street and living in the suburbs with a wife and kids. He had a Germanic last name and a story about his background that has proven to be very dubious.

      I'm joining this group because of the following:

      (1) It makes sense that he might have been hiding a Jewish background, since other young men from that time (1920s) did the same thing.

      (2) My DYS chart from the Genographic Project is almost a match to one that I found online for Ashkenazi-Q's. The only difference was DYS439 -- I have a value of 12 instead of 16.

      (I also have a DYS385a of 14 and a DYS385b of 16, but there is no listing for those DYS's in the Ashkenazi-Q table I saw online.)

      I realized awhile back that the only clues my Dad seemed to have left me are the ones I carry inside me -- and my DNA, in particular. My facial features are a little unusual -- somewhat like Frank Langella's. If I were in show biz, I could probably play a villain who's Spanish (which is my mom's lineage) or Arabic or Jewish or maybe even Asian -- but not the German that the last name I got from my father would seem to indicate.

      I'm open to suggestions as to how to proceed from here.

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