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1631Re: [Ashkenazi-Q] Re: Migrations of Jews from 70AD to Poland, Lithuania, Etc

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  • Maria Alonso
    Oct 18, 2011

       "This was because of Jews keeping 
      > their kashrut laws which contained a lot of sanitary habits, such as bathing and 
      > washing as well as washing hands before eating, care in food eaten, etc. "

      This is interesting, we are Q1b M378 from my father Y, Roman Catholics from Spain, however, all of our matches in Family Tree, 0-5 mutations  distance  
       -like 40 matches- have typical Ashkenazim last names. Converso ancestor is a possibility, taking in account  1)- where Great-grandfather came from: Zamora, where the points for re-entry in Spain were set for Sefarditas willing to do so (and convert) and 2) A last name that is just the name of the village he came from. 
      Anyhow,  the point is that I remember perfectly well my father extremely insistence and discipline on washing hands before eating, and we didn't  have pork either, it was my father thing not my Mom, because meat pork carried dangerous diseases.  He always said that the expulsion of the Jews was the worst possible thing that happened to Castille and that everybody had Jewish ancestors there.  I wondering if this was just a very faint echo of the tradition mentioned above.

      Maria A.

      From: benhamou <albert@...>
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      Sent: Monday, October 17, 2011 4:00 PM
      Subject: [Ashkenazi-Q] Re: Migrations of Jews from 70AD to Poland, Lithuania, Etc

      I agree. In fact, many populations in areas which are today northern Iraq or south ex-USSR, Caucasus, even at the edge of India, and also more than half of the population of Afghanistan are... of Jewish descent. These are parts of the 10 "lost" tribes. After the destruction of the Kingdom of Israel by the Assyrians, the vast majority of the 10 tribes were spread at the extremities of that empire, to populate it, and act as a buffer to potential invaders. So, we find them today where they settled. This includes most of Kurdistan which, by the way, is also with many Q1b people... All our same ancestors... Many of our ancestors were converted to Islam at the time of the Jihad, of course. But many retain some practices dating back from their Jewish memory, often without them knowing about these customs and their origin. A mission was sent from Israel in the 1960/1970's if I recall, to identify these "lost" tribes, and they have been found.

      --- In Ashkenazi-Q@yahoogroups.com, king harold <arrowin1066@...> wrote:
      > There have been jewish diasporas going back 5000 years. Jews arrived in central
      > asia 2000 years before christ. There was a large population in Georgia. Probably
      > the entire population of Georgia can point to a Jewish grandmother or
      > grandfather.
      > ________________________________
      > From: goldfootn <goldfoot1@...>
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      > Sent: Tue, May 10, 2011 1:34:46 PM
      > Subject: [Ashkenazi-Q] Migrations of Jews from 70AD to Poland, Lithuania, Etc
      > Somewhere along here we Q1b's joined up with a Jewish community. Here's what
      > I've found about Jewish migrations.
      > When Jerusalem fell in 70AD, some remained and their descendants are there
      > today, but out of those that were not taken as slaves, many left and set up
      > villages along the way from the Mediterranean to North Eastern Europe. They
      > traveled through the homeland referred to as the Levant, then Anatolia and
      > Greece and sailed to Italy, which is not that far away if you look at today's
      > map. Rome in 70 AD had a large Jewish population already and some Romans and
      > Greeks converted to Judaism. This happened in Jewish communities and in Roman
      > colonies and villas in "Palestine" during the time of Roman rule. Remember that
      > the Romans had changed the names of Judea and Samaria and Israel to the blanket
      > name of Palestine to wipe out the Jewish presence.
      > Some Jews who were in Anatolia joined the cities of Byzantine Jews there. Some
      > kept moving north in Italy, though the Southern Italian peninsula was the first
      > home for the new communities of Jews.
      > In the 4th century CE Jews kept moving north into Northern Italy until the 10th
      > century when they went north into the Rhineland (Germany) and set up communities
      > which became the cultural center of the northern European Jews. They moved
      > northeast after the 11th century and settled in Eastern Germany and Poland. This
      > area became the largest Jewish Diaspora community in Europe before WWII which
      > killed 6 million of them. It must have been while in Germany that the Goldfuss
      > surname was attached to the family, which became Goldfus in Yiddish and then
      > anglicized to Goldfoot. It was in 1012 CE that Jews migrated from Germany to
      > Poland near Bialystock and Grodno. By 1495 Lithuanian Jews also migrated to
      > Bialystock, Poland.
      > The founding families of Lithuania are said to have come from Babylonia in early
      > medieval times. What had happened was that there was the plague in 1347 followed
      > by a 1348 migration of Jews going from Eastern Germany to Lemberg and Temopol
      > with Hungarian Jews from 1349-1360 migrating to Temopol also.
      > Wherever a plague broke out, the Jews were thrown out of some German town and
      > went into Poland. Jews were accused of creating plagues because they didn't get
      > sick and die to the degree that others did. This was because of Jews keeping
      > their kashrut laws which contained a lot of sanitary habits, such as bathing and
      > washing as well as washing hands before eating, care in food eaten, etc.
      > There was also a Lithuanian migration of 1445 southeast to the Crimea. At the
      > same time Byzantine Jews and the Judaic Khazars might have gone to Khakov from
      > southeast to the north in Russia. Also the Jews of Kiev who was a mixture of
      > Byzantine, Western European and maybe even Khazaria and other Jewish communities
      > living in Kiev moved into the Crimea in 1350. This was when the plagued finally
      > ended.
      > Resource: Tracing Your Jewish DNA For Family History & Ancestry-Merging a Mosaic
      > of Communities by Anne Hart copyright 2003.


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