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1606Re: Are All Segals Closely Related? - Probably Not!

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  • Gene 1
    Sep 1, 2011
      I don't think all Seagals are related at all. All Shagals, Shagalov, Shagalovich are most likely related. We started find each other on facebook. One young lady and I who have found a mutual connection (making us something to the equivalent of 6th cousin's) are trying to find everyone named Shagal we can and get all the little stories possible about our clan. So far everyone I found who's last name is Shagal (or a version of it) is from the same place in Belarus, and thank God for our famous cousin Mark Chagall, can use him to orient to each other. Mark makes our search easier. It seems everyone in our clan seems to ask this as the first question when we come in contact with each other. One of the first things I hear from other Shagals is: Are you related to Mark Shagal, because he is my great grandfathers cousine. And I do the same. But other Seagals, is they have a connection to us, it is either so far back, or just like you mentioned just a coincidence like being Taylor, etc.
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