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1600Re: Speaking of Segal, Levine and Halevi

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    Sep 5, 2011
      But in my case, I'm not talking about Seagal. there are a lot of Seagals here in America. I'm only contacting Shagals, rarely Sagal, and Shagalov if I come across one. So far it's exactly the same story: small town under Vitebsk, and we share lots of features, that are not Semitic, and look very similar.

      I know a lot of you guys only believe in the absolute of DNA testing, but I'm also very prone to Occam's Razor. If it is called a duck, and it looks like a duck, it's prolly a duck.

      At some point, when I run out of Shagals, I will start going for Seagals, Tsagals, and everything that is similar in hopes of finding out they are from the same place and share roots. I will also encourage everyone to get the Tests, because I think it is very important to human history to do that.

      I'm very thankful for modern technology. I have been working for a while, to reconstruct our family history. Nadene, I was wrong, I re-asked my da about what we owned. And you were right, we didn't own land. We owned a windmill, and my dad said we were rich. What that means, neither I nor he knows. We joke that it was 50 cows and 20 chickens. Hehehe. I couldn't tell you much about what "rich" is. All I can compare it to is my mothers side of the family. She says she was poor, but her dad was a businessman who had a store, owned a house, and have coins with our family crest (last one was sold to pay for my uncles operation). So what I know is that compared to my mother side of the family, my Shagal side of the family was rich. Oh, and traditionally, we are Kosher butchers (which explains why I live in the country, and am interested with farming and animals, all men in my clan are like that.

      Oh, and the last thing I know, is that my grandfather said his whole life that he was a descendant of Jewish Aristocracy. One day when I was 5 years old, my mom came into the room, after the grandparents visited, and told me I was a "Potomok" (descendant) of a red headed Jewish king. So I grew you always thinking about it. I feel like I am a royal. Not financially, but by family that I got. My family has no divorces, we are very close and enjoy each others company, respect education, and achieve what we set our sights on (my dad is a millioner- but a poor one, lol. My brother has all the coolest yuppie toys a heart can desire, and I'm an ex harley riding bountyhunter;)

      All in all Shagal clan is a fund clan. Because there are a lot of us, who are only several generations removed from our little village, I'm curious what the common haplogroup we will find, and who will be related to us. Hope we are relatives, but some how I imagine, we are all related to each other by more then one haplogroup, on more then one side of the family.

      Later cousins...
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