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1589Re: [Ashkenazi-Q] Re: Speaking of Segal, Levine and Halevi

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    Sep 1, 2011
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      Hurry up and have your dna tested with familytree in Houston, Texas so we won't be kept in suspense.  If there isn't already a group started with your surname, you can start one and be the administrator for it. (volunteer position).  The company will send you a book "DNA & GENEALOGY" by Collen Fitzpatrick & Andrew Yeiser. Well, I'm not sure but they might send it to Russia.   I've read it through at least 3 times and just starting to catch on.  Then you can do what you have planned to find out about this surname and the people.  It sounds like a great project.  Facebook is a great place to find relatives.  I've found several that way. 
      Good luck.
      Nadene Goldfoot
      Administrator of surname: Goldfoot with familytree.
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      I kinda agree with you on most parts. I think all Shagal, Sagals, Shagalov's are related. As far as testing for DNA of a group that was big, with many different subgroups, and that has not been arround for a thousand years, should be taken with a grain of salt. But from another perspective, from everything I have read, I think people in my family look stereotypical like Khazar's described by Arab writers, reddish or strawberry blonde hair, light features, and really good looking (hehehe, j/k). Either way, we can fight and argue left and right all day long, and all it is, is speculation at best. But I am always on the prowl for Shagals, Sagals, and Shagaloviches, so please find me on facebook. I have found other Shagals who are not related to me, and they all come from the same place, usually either from or near Vitebsk, Belarus. And a lot look similar too (who would have thought? right?). I would like to construct an "extended Shagal tree that encompasses all th e different branches, and see how far back we can all construct it (the sooner the better, while elder generations are still around)

      Look for me using my name: Gene Shagal or my email: genecps@...

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