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1563RE: [Ashkenazi-Q] For Those Paying for Upgrades - Good Return on Your Investment?

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  • Bob
    Aug 19, 2011

      For those of you who are paying to have more and more yDNA tests do you feel you are getting anything of value in return?

      What value are you getting? (Y testing A+) (Autosomal –C)

      Have you found relatives? (Y testing yes) (Autosomal many unknown connections no 100% confirmation after over 100 attempts, just good guesses.)  

      Has the additional testing helped your genealogy? (I have 100 plus Y markers & the “Walk on the Y side testing” long term this may help determine European & deep history origins.  The 23 & Me autosomal help get a composite picture & proved Ashkenazi heritage)

      Do you have a sense you are just wasting your money and learning nothing really useful? (Sometimes I think that 23 & Me is a waste as it is a very complicated puzzle with many missing pieces, I am happy with Y testing as it is more direct.)

      Do you feel you are contributing to valuable research? (Yes, yet some of the benefit will not be known for years.)

      I have become skeptical of the value of the additional tests that Rebekah keeps encouraging. (I trust Rebekah; but realized there are not pots of gold at the end of every test.) With Walk on the Y side, the broad ranges test will help others save money by targeting relevant markers.)  

      I am interested in your comments. (Thanks for all you do, Bob Vick, Caldwell TX)


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