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1508Re: New Developments - Many Q1b's are now Q1b1* or more

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  • goldfootn
    Apr 12, 2011
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      Hi David,
      I just got this by googling SNP L245. I guess I haven't given this group my new email address of goldfoot1@...
      I wanted to tell you that I just ordered the L 245 and the L272 SNP test for my brother, David Goldfoot after reading Rebekah's email about new SNPs for another group. I check the tree and found that these were recommended for our particular haplogroup. Your report below makes it much easier to understand. I hope the results will tell some interesting things.
      Nadene Goldfoot

      --- In Ashkenazi-Q@yahoogroups.com, "Dave" <dshoward@...> wrote:
      > I recently attended the Group Administrators' Conference in Houston
      > Texas put on by Family Tree DNA. Thanks to the good work of Rebekah
      > Canada, Alissandro Biondo and others, the Y-chromosome Tree has been
      > updated. Most of us are now Q1b1*. There are new tests in process right
      > now which may show we are Q1b1a or Q1b1b.
      > If you go to Rebekah's site at Family Tree DNA you can see how the new
      > SNPs have changed the chart. What she does not show is the newly
      > published tree which does recognize some of her work. What is most
      > significant for all of us is that we all probably have the L245 SNP.
      > Click on this link to see Rebekah's New Tree.
      > <http://www.familytreedna.com/public/yDNA_Q/default.aspx>
      > When we all first started we were told we were in Haplogroup Q meaning
      > that we had the M242 SNP generic to all Haplogroup Q members. It is
      > theorized that this mutation took place about 20,000 years ago in
      > Siberia. Then they found the P36.2 SNP which showed we branched off from
      > the Siberian group more than 12,000 years ago when a group of Q's
      > migrated to the Western Hemisphere.
      > More recently they found we all had M378 SNP which is found among a
      > small percentage of the Hazara tribe in India and a small percentage of
      > the Sindhi tribe of Pakistan. How and when this link to a group of
      > Ashkenazi Jewish people took place has been the subject of some
      > interesting and confusing debates in this chat room.
      > But the L245 SNP is downstream from the M378. Downstream means evolved
      > later in time. This makes us even more unique. Two of our members have
      > SNPs downstream from the L245. One is the L272 and the other is the
      > L315.
      > These more recent mutations may have evolved within a few hundred years
      > in the Mediterranean area.
      > Since many of you have consented to have your samples tested for these
      > newly discovered SNPs we will soon know so much more about this.
      > Family Tree DNA posts its version of the draft y-chromosome tree at the
      > following link. But Rebekah's is more up-to-date and gives much more
      > information - the link above.
      > Draft Y-Tree at FTDNA Site
      > <http://ytree.ftdna.com/index.php?name=Draft&parent=31182976>
      > I personally believe these new discoveries will put to rest any notion
      > that the Khazars or the mythical Ashina were the source of our Qness.
      > As more and more downstream SNPs are discovered we may eventually find
      > there is one unique to Ashkenazi Jewish Qs. I will wait for Rebekah and
      > Alissandro to announce this.
      > I would like to personally express my appreciation to Rebekah,
      > Alissandro and the others who are doing this work on our behalf.
      > If you do not understand what I am talking about post a response. If you
      > do understand what I am talking about and know more than me please post
      > a response.
      > Regards,
      > Dave Howard
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