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1362Re: [Ashkenazi-Q] Krupa Theory Ashina>>Khazars>>Askenazi Linked by Q1b is Not Supported by Science

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  • Michael Jaron
    Aug 22 8:09 PM
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      Thank you for (finally) providing at least answers to some of my questions and hopefully enabling me to ask better ones!

      On Sun, Aug 22, 2010 at 8:27 PM, Dave <dshoward@...> wrote:

      It appears that the Ashkenazi Jewish Q1b, with 67 markers tested, share
      a common ancestor about 800 years ago.

      800 years takes us to around the 13th century.  Genetic Mutations are random, but still something causes these mutations.  What is this something?  Some sort of shock to or circumstance affecting our biological makeup?  Geophysical location and/or conditions?
      You point out that Palmer and Abrams are "right on the mode" in terms of SYS counts.  I take it it this means that they are closest in relation to the "common ancestor"?  (I realize that I may not be expressing things correctly!)  Can some sort of illustration be made of who fits where and in these terms, who is closest to who?  This might also better illustrate the migrations, especially as it relates to the "Family Finder".
      This might sound like a ridiculous question, but:What were we before the advent of the m378 mutation?  How does that compare with other branches of "Q"?
      Mike jaron

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