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  • elizabeth_m_gilbert
    Thank you Kate and everyone else who put together the great Michaelmas festival on Saturday. The apple cider was yummy, the crafts were fun, and the puppet
    Message 1 of 14 , Oct 1, 2009
      Thank you Kate and everyone else who put together the great Michaelmas festival on Saturday. The apple cider was yummy, the crafts were fun, and the puppet show was enchanting! And there was so much great food at the potluck, too! Even with the rain it was lots of fun and great to see everyone.

      I wanted to especially thank Grow With Me for hosting the event. It is always nice to gather in the wonderful space you have created at Groce Methodist.

      Looking forward to our next festival together!



      PS- We also had a really great Adult Michaelmas gathering on Tuesday. Thank you Michael for creating a wonderful evening and helping us to delve more deeply into the festival's meaning!
    • waterfall@mindspring.com
      Michelmas 2010 will be Saturday, Sept. 25 at 4 pm at Lutheridge, just south of Asheville. Time and Date for planning session at Lutheridge will be posted soon.
      Message 2 of 14 , Aug 27, 2010

        Michelmas 2010 will be Saturday, Sept. 25 at 4 pm at Lutheridge, just south of Asheville.  Time and Date for planning session at Lutheridge will be posted soon.

        Thanks to Scott and Joanie Lamb who live at Lutheridge for arranging this great location with Nature, covered paviliion with picnic tables.

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        From: nicole Delcogliano
        Sent: Aug 26, 2010 9:13 PM
        To: AshevilleWaldorfandSteinerStudyGroup@yahoogroups.com
        Subject: Re: [AshevilleWaldorfandSteinerStudyGroup] Re: Michaelmas Cider Press

        Green Toe Ground in Celo has a cider press and it is HEAVY, but available! When is the festival?

        From: Ashley <ashleymasters@...>
        To: AshevilleWaldorfandSteinerStudyGroup@yahoogroups.com
        Sent: Tue, August 24, 2010 2:48:55 PM
        Subject: [AshevilleWaldorfandSteinerStudyGroup] Re: Michaelmas Cider Press


        Good luck on your search for a press!

        What date(s) are Michaelmas activities this year?

        --- In AshevilleWaldorfandSteinerStudyGroup@yahoogroups.com, "Todd" <todd.crowe@...> wrote:
        > Dear Friends,
        > Michaelmas, our fall festival, is drawing near. This year we will not be able to use Judy's cider press (as she will be using it). Do any of you out there in cyberland have a cider press? Do you know of one?
        > Please let me know as soon as you can.
        > Aloha,
        > Todd
        > PS THANK YOU SO MUCH JUDY!!!! Your press has been a real champ and has helped bring us all together.


      • Sharon Price
        Good morning to my new and old friends of the Waldorf Community, Let me briefly introduce myself.  I am co-teaching the Azalea Mountain Parent Child class,
        Message 3 of 14 , Sep 16, 2010
          Good morning to my "new and old friends" of the Waldorf Community,
          Let me briefly introduce myself.  I am co-teaching the Azalea Mountain Parent Child class, which begins tomorrow, being held at Dandelion Hill through Rae's kindness.  I am also serving with those planning our Community Michaelmas Festival.  As the happy Grandmother of a three year old, the Mother of four grown children (all of whom attended Waldorf schools at some time), the former Mother in residence of twenty seven children in a Waldorf based orphanage in Guatemala, I am to be Mother Earth at the Festival!  You will recognize me there, as I shall be dressed in a brown cloak calling and singing to the "little buttercups" to "come home" under my cloak, as they bury there wee heads in the dark earth (until spring...sooner, when they wish to return to their Mommies and Daddies).
          I shall also be leading the Community at the Festival in a Singing Game, which I would like to share with all of you, so that you will already be familiar with the words and movements.  As the Community is gathering together for the first time this Fall, we will be singing "Make New Friends, and Keep the Old," after we have gathered in the circle. It shall happily be a big circle, so we shall gather our littlest ones into our arms, and spread the circle wide. At the center of the circle there will be "a gentle dragon," composed of four gentle dancers, each with a colored silk held over his/her head (one of red, orange, yellow and gold) gently dancing and prancing in dragon formation.
          Then we start our singing game:
          Step, step, step to the Left,  (Slowly step to the left 3 steps)
          Step, step, step to the Right,  (Slowly step to the right 3 steps)
          Step, step, step to the Left,    (Slowly step to the left 3 steps)
          We will tame the dragon. (Slowly...as there will be many of us....with joined hands and arms raised upward, walk with slow determination toward the gently dancing dragon)
          Repeat the last line of the song until the dragon is tamed.  (Once we have walked as far forward that we are still comfortably next to each other, our lowered arms and hands shall, with great courage and will, lower to tame the dragon...the dragon will ultimately lie on the ground gently tamed). 
          I am in need of a great brown cloak under which many buttercups will fit, and also two silks of bright orange and red. 
          Further, I need four volunteers, who are actors/dancers by nature, to be part of the dragon.
          If anyone owns one of the items, or wishes to be part of the gentle dragon, please email me at:  Sharon Price: civfa@....  Thank you.   I eagerly look forward to meeting you and your buttercups, and taller daffodils.
          Blessings on your day,

          From: "AshevilleWaldorfandSteinerStudyGroup@yahoogroups.com" <AshevilleWaldorfandSteinerStudyGroup@yahoogroups.com>
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          Re: Michelmas Plans! From: Lexi Conley
          Re: Michelmas Plans! From: jtkoontz79



          Re: Michelmas Plans!

          Posted by: "Lexi Conley" lexiconley@...   lexiconley@...

          Wed Sep 15, 2010 10:00 am (PDT)

          Hi Amy,
          Just got your message (via Todd) and I would love to come to the planning
          session on Sunday. Also, I was planning on coming to the study group tomorrow
          night. Is there anything I should bring? Besides the lecture of course. I'm very
          excited to meet all of you! See you soon,


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          From: Amy Arrendell <waterHi fall@mindspring. com>
          To: AshevilleWaldorfand SteinerStudyGrou p@yahoogroups. com
          Sent: Tue, September 14, 2010 10:35:55 AM
          Subject: RE: [AshevilleWaldorfan dSteinerStudyGro up] Michelmas Plans!

          Plans unfolding for Michelmas Fall Festival!
          Saturday, Sept. 25, 4-6 pm at Lutheridge

          Michelmas Imagination Story for the children
          Children's crafts
          Apple Cider Pressing
          Connection with Community at covered dish meal
          Bring food donations to fill the cornucopia for Manna Food Bank

          We ask for your donations of wool rovings and ribbons for the crafts!
          Please contact Rae Patton, (828) 298-4655, before Sept. 22 if you will
          contribute these items.

          We ask for volunteers for set up and clean up, etc. Please call Amy
          Arrendell at 329-2649.

          We ask for your donations of apples for the cider pressing!
          Please bring quantities of apples to Michelmas.


          You are invited to the next and last Michelmas planning meeting: Sunday,
          Sept. 19, at 2 pm at Lutheridge: We will meet at Scott and Joanie Lamb's
          house and then go to the covered picnic area where the festival will be.
          Directions: To get to Lutheridge from AVL, take I-26 toward Airport. Take
          the Airport exit. Turn left and go past Target and Walmart to Hendersonville
          Road/US 25. Turn Right or south. Go 200 yards. Turn Right into Lutheridge
          Camp and Conference Center. Stay on this main road. At the 1st fork in the
          road stay left. Stay on this main road through the camp and past the lake.
          After you pass Ivy Lane, we are the 7th house on the left #1169.

          Michaelmas Mood from Calendar of the Soul by Rudolph Steiner:

          O, Mother Nature, 'tis thy very being
          I bear within me as the essence of my will,
          This fiery power of will
          Shall steel my spirit impulses
          So that they may bring forth a sense of self
          To give myself to me.

          Amy Arrendell, M.Ed.
          Asheville, NC
          waterfall@mindsprin g.com

          ------------ --------- --------- ------

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          Re: Michelmas Plans!

          Posted by: "jtkoontz79" lancenjessi@...   jtkoontz79

          Wed Sep 15, 2010 12:16 pm (PDT)

          sorry, but where is lutheridge??

          and will there be any fees associated??

          i am wanting to post this to our homeschool list, but want to make sure i give all the info.

          many thanks in advance, jessi

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