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Homeschool Supplemental Classes

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    Homeschool Families, The Supplemental Grades Classes will continue to be offered at the Grow With Me Co-Op. Classes are taught by trained Waldorf teacher Todd
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      Homeschool Families,

      The Supplemental Grades Classes will continue to be offered at the Grow With Me Co-Op. Classes are taught by trained Waldorf teacher Todd Crowe. Starting September 8th we will meet Monday through Thursday, 9am to 1pm. Students are able to sign up for one day per week or for multiple days per week. Last year's classes went wonderfully (Woodworking, Waldorf Circle Time, Watercolor Painting,
      General Art and Games). This year will have many old favorites and also new aspects like Handwork, Plays, The Stories of History, Early Grades Curriculum and Freehand Geometry.

      Woodworking, The Stories of History, Freehand Geometry*

      9 - 13 year olds
      $20 one-time materials fee

      Woodworking: Basic skills in whittling and woodcarving will be taught to students who will produce wooden serving spoons, sailboats, dishes and other beautiful, useful wares.
      The Stories of History: Ancient cultures will be brought to life through the telling of their traditional epic tales. The class will deepen their experience of the stories by creating drawings, paintings and simple sculptures. Each story will have cultural traditions and historical facts woven throughout.

      Freehand Geometry: Geometric drawings will start from the most basic and develop into intricate works. The lines will be drawn out of inner focus and the results are amazing.

      *Freehand Geometry will be included in the final third of the session.

      Handwork, Stories, Poems and Plays
      7 - 9 year olds
      $15 one-time materials fee

      Handwork: We will be working on knitting, crocheting and felting*. We will be making small pouches, knitted animals and possibly scarves.
      Stories, Poems and Plays: After snack the class will hear traditional stories and memorize seasonal poems that will each be formed into plays. The balance of the focused morning and the adventurous afternoon will be fulfilling for all. I hope to amaze you and your children with what they can do.

      *Grow those synapses! Handwork is wonderful for improving fine motor skills and
      for knitting together synapses.


      Early Grades Curriculum, Traditional Songs and Dances, Watercolor Painting and Beeswax Crayoning.
      7 - 9 year olds
      $15 one-time materials fee

      In the way of Waldorf schools we will be learning through our hearts and hands in order to light up our minds.
      Traditional Songs and Dances: An educational circle time starts the day with learning songs, traditional dances, poems, and mathematic counting rhymes. We will be having fun while we integrate our senses. Afterward a fairy tale, folk tale or educational story is told to the class. They drink in the rich language and love retelling the story the following week.
      Early Grades Curriculum: The basics of reading and writing will blossom and bloom in the minds and hearts of the children. The educational stories will help instill a deep understanding of the concepts presented.
      Watercolor Painting and Beeswax Crayoning: The stories will be brought to life through painting and crayoning. Our artwork will strive towards beauty and simplicity. The pictures will get more difficult as our skills develop.

      "My child loves this class. It provides a very calm and peaceful environment in which to learn music and art while enjoying the company of other children. There is a nice balance of moving their bodies while playing, socializing with each other and turning inward to focus on the painting experience."
      -Parent of a previous student

      Artistic Education, Games
      7-9 year olds
      $15 one-time materials fee

      Artistic Education: Basic lessons in drawing, form drawing, painting, beeswax modeling and clay modeling will be based on characters and settings from short stories which will be read in class. Myths, legends, fables, fairy tales and the rhythm of the seasons will provide the class with inspiration to work out of.
      Games Class: Age appropriate children's games will be brought from a wide range of times and cultures. The challenges and roles to be played out in each game will be framed intentionally to help each student answer the major questions of their age group. We will have a great time, though we will be learning. It is not easy to get tagged and it is an important exercise to find the courage to pick ourselves up and get back into the game.

      "The arts/games class has been such a positive addition to our weekly
      activities. Todd's interaction, time and attention with the students is truly quality time. Matthew comes home eager to share his activities of the day with joy and enthusiasm and looks forward to his weekly class." -Parent of a previous student

      1 day/week $115/month
      2 days/week $190/month
      3 days/week $270/month

      Grow With Me Co-Op @ Groce United Methodist Church
      954 Tunnel Rd
      Asheville, NC 28805

      Pay-in-full discount: 5% for families who pre-pay for the whole term including materials fees.

      Todd Crowe


      Todd Crowe has a B.A. in Childhood Education from the University of Hawaii. After a year of working in a Montessori indergarten/preschool in Honolulu, he attended the Waldorf Teacher Training in Eugene Oregon. After graduation Todd spent one year as the assistant in the second grade, a substitute teacher and as the Games Class teacher at the Waldorf School of Pittsburgh. The following year Todd taught a combined fourth/fifth grade class at the Waldorf School of Pittsburgh. His class graduated from the school and he is now part of the Grow With Me Co-Op in beautiful Asheville, North Carolina. In his spare time, Todd likes to play the ukulele, sing and ride his mountain bike (though, not all at the same time).

      Todd Crowe is available for one on one or small group tutoring in various subjects. Please contact him at 412-378-8808 with any questions regarding class offerings.
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