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Biodynamic CSA opportunity !!

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  • Lenka H
    Good morning, I am posting this on behalf of the Azalea Mountain School. Lenka ********************************************************** Subscribe to our own
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      Good morning,

      I am posting this on behalf of the Azalea Mountain School.




      Subscribe to our own 2013 CSA (Community Supported Agriculture)

      A Fundraiser for Friends and Families of Azalea Mountain School

      Invite Your Friends!

      Biodynamic Vegetables from Green Toe Ground (greentoegroundnc.com) From Mid-May to Mid-October, Delivery on Wednesdays

      ·        I personally invite you to experience health and vitality by eating biodynamic vegetables this season.

      ·        Azalea Mountain has partnered with Gaelan and Nicole at Green Toe Ground Farm to offer our families and friends CSA vegetable shares.

      ·        You get your big basket of fresh veggies every Wednesday from mid-May until mid-October. See below for details.

      ·        Yes, we need to pay up front, $550, by the end of March so the farmers know how much to plant! A wonderful savings compared to other prices.

      ·        Please invite your neighbors, co-workers and friends to subscribe! The farmers are donating back 10% to the school.

      ·        I have been gardening with the biodynamic methods for 7 years and I testify to the goodness!

      Happy Veggie Eating,

      Amy Arrendell

      Chair, Fundraising Committee of Azalea Mountain School


      Sample Weekly Shares

      Mid June:
      3 heads lettuce 2 bunches radishes 2 heads Bok Choy 2 bunches kale

      2 bunches green onions 2 bunches beets 2 pounds broccoli 3 pounds tomatoes

      Mid August:
      1 pint cherry tomatoes 2 pounds fingerlings

      1 pound beans

      2 eggplants 1 bag basil 1 bulb fennel 1 bunch carrots 3 heads garlic

      Biodynamics is a spiritual-ethical-ecological approach to agriculture, food production and nutrition first developed in the early 1920s based on the spiritual insights and practical suggestions of Austrian writer, educator and social activist Dr. Rudolf Steiner. Biodynamics is also a potent movement for new thinking and practices in all aspects of life connected to food and agriculture, embodying ecological, social and economic sustainability.

      CSAs are about community, healthy food, ecology, seasons, learning, and families and fun!

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