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Trail Runners Looking for other trail runners...I train on the Mountains-to-the-Sea in Asheville, have access to the AT at Wolf Laurel (4,000-5,500 elevation). Looking for
Sep 24, 2012
Trail Runners? Looking for other trail runners in the area. I typically run an hour at at time on the Mountains-to-the-Sea trail during the week near Asheville and up to two
Sep 24, 2012
(no subject) http://breakingbreadtravel.com/wp-content/plugins/count-per-day/geoip/site.php?ran176.img
Paul Fitzpatrick
Mar 7, 2012
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(no subject) http://venuehunter.co.in/webpages/img_inquisitor/findme.php?least164.bmp
Paul Fitzpatrick
Feb 27, 2012
Re: Richmond Hill Trail Map or Running Group??? John, I work with the city. We are still working to create a trail map with the bike club. I cannot say when it will be done exactly, but likely this fall in
hendler seth
Aug 26, 2011
Richmond Hill Trail Map or Running Group??? Does anyone know where I can get a map of the trails up at Richmond Hill? I went there for the first time today but didn't see the trail map posted yet. Went
Aug 24, 2011
BLUE RIDGE RELAY I am looking for female runners that run around 8:00 minute mile pace for the Blue Ridge Relay. Please email me at cinnapp1@... or call 582-8047 if
Jul 13, 2011
garmin 405 vs 410 just wondering if anyone has the garmin forerunner 405 or 410 and how do you like them.
Mar 8, 2011
Re: 5k @ Carrier park March 26th First off thank you for your response and we do pray for a quick and healthy recovery from your surgery.  I would also like to thank your family for
The Carpenter's Heart
Jan 11, 2011
Re: 5k @ Carrier park March 26th Hey I would be interested. It will all Depend on if I have healed enough after a knee injury last year running. Anthony Hugg Runner For Local Charity Competing
Anthony Hugg
Jan 10, 2011
5k @ Carrier park March 26th Wanted to let everyone know about an upcoming race @ Carrier Park on March 26th. plan to join us know by registering online @ www.carpentersheart.org There
Jan 10, 2011
Re: Boston Training Group I would be around 9:00 ... and would like to if I didn't hinder anyone. TJT ________________________________ From: Lance P. Martin To:
Jan 10, 2011
Re: Boston Training Group I suspect the pace will vary from 7:45 / mile to 9:00 / mile depending on the attendees. LPM
Lance P. Martin
Jan 10, 2011
Re: Boston Training Group I am doing the Blue Ridge Marathon on April 16 and would be interested in some hilly, long runs depending on what pace you are looking to run. At what pace are
Jan 9, 2011
Boston Training Group I am trying to put together a group of Saturday morning runners training for Boston (or merely interested in quad-busting long runs). The idea is to scout out
Jan 9, 2011
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Re: Fletcher Park Group Matt, I am not aware of a group at Fletcher Park on Wednesdays. However, that does not mean that there isn't one. The ATC web site has a Group Run page
Dec 1, 2010
Fletcher Park Group Hey Guys, I heard in the past there was a group that met in Fletcher park on Wednesday evenings for a 5-6 mile run. Does this group still meet, and if so,
Dec 1, 2010
New poll for AshevilleTrackClub Enter your vote today! A new poll has been created for the AshevilleTrackClub group: What do you think of the new Asheville Track Club logo? o love it o like
Dec 1, 2010
Re: Beg. Runner Groups I can occasionally run on the weekends, but am more available during the week, especially M-Th afternoons and into the evenings (3p-7p). Don’t mind running
    Jeanne Clark
    Nov 11, 2010
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    Re: Beg. Runner Groups Hey Everyone, John Noce again....I'm back from Indiana and excited to be part of a beginner's running group. Hominy Creek Park is nice and meets up with
    John Noce
    Oct 25, 2010
    Re: Beg. Runner Groups When is a good day for you guys? Saturday or Sunday mornings work well for me....Thought about working towards the Hot Chocolate 10k. Ally "Obstacles are those
    Ally Crosson
    Oct 24, 2010
    Re: Beg. Runner Groups Well it sounds like there is about five of us interested...Any suggestions on a time and place? For me Saturday or Sunday morning is good (earlier the better
    Oct 24, 2010
    Re: Beg. Runner Groups Yes, I run often and usually by myself now and would love to get with a group to work on improving my pace and distance. Count me in! Jeanne
    Jeanne Clark
    Oct 22, 2010
    Re: Beg. Runner Groups hi john...would love to run with the group if it happens....please let me know...ty..tim ________________________________ From: John Noce
    tim nitchman
    Oct 21, 2010
    Re: Beg. Runner Groups i am very interested also...woul love to run with u guys ________________________________ From: "leprkan98@..." To:
    tim nitchman
    Oct 21, 2010
    Beg. Runner Groups There is a beginners group that leaves from Jus' Running on Monday night @6 (I believe). Other than that, I am not sure of any other beginning runner groups. I
    Oct 21, 2010
    Re: Beg. Runner Groups Hey Alice, I'd love to start a beginner's group. I've been a runner (off and on) since 1984. Unfortunately, I'm out of town until Monday. I'm a member of the
    John Noce
    Oct 21, 2010
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    Beg. Runner Groups Anyone know of or want to start a group for beginners? I was running a lot and somehow got out of it so I need some motivation!
    Oct 21, 2010
    Re: Charlotte Thunder Road Marathon ... Hey Jeanne, I would love to get together and do some long runs in the Bent Creek/ Arboretum area, as matter of fact Iam going to try to do a 16 miler today
    Oct 16, 2010
    Re: UNCA Track Update? Did some re-con two weeks ago. Looked like it had been re-paved but no striped lanes. Could have been a first coat on the surface. LPM
    Lance P. Martin
    Oct 15, 2010
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