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  • Manny Olds
    Let s go back to where we were when the summer scattered us: Message #414 from our archive. ... On Thu, 15 Jun 2000, Manny Olds wrote: ) The purpose of life is
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      Let's go back to where we were when the summer scattered us: Message
      #414 from our archive.

      --- In Asatru-U@egroups.com, Manny Olds <oldsma@c...> wrote:
      On Thu, 15 Jun 2000, Manny Olds wrote:

      ) The purpose of life is to establish and maintain right
      ) relationships with those around us: family, community,
      ) the gods, wyrd. The purpose of religion is to give us
      ) a pattern for doing that; a religious community
      ) shares mutual support for the efforts of its members.
      ) Specifically, "To be Asatru is to blot the gods and to
      ) acknowledge that one's life ought to be led according
      ) to a moral code." [Manny's mangling of Groa's simple
      ) definition, under the influence of Dirk Mahling's "4
      ) Bedposts".] Because this feeds back and ties us into
      ) Wyrd in the right way.
      ) As I see it, Groa's outline wraps around this post three
      ) times in a descending spiral:
      ) I - III quick, shallow, review/evening up; introduces idea of
      ) relationships and wyrd.
      ) IV-VII Gets into some specifics on what we *do* about this in
      ) practice. Begins to show deeper connections between
      ) things that might seem separate on the surface.
      ) VIII-XI Explicit, hands-on, conscious management of wyrd
      ) So the readings and activities should follow this pattern,
      ) with the same basic facts repeated three times, but at deeper
      ) and more abstract levels.

      With this in mind, let's revisit Wrap #1. Can we fill in some
      more specific facts or concepts that the student should take away
      from each section? How are we building in hooks for Wrap #2?
      What about readings and activities--these seem a bit sparse here.


      I. Includes historical context, then and now; Asatru "rooms"
      Scandinavian, Germanic, Anglo-Saxon, even Gothic.

      Rationale: provides context for the rest of the course.

      Activity: Sitting out & extending perceptions; informal personal
      offering to being(s) of choice.

      Reading: Reeves Hall "Asatru in Brief" brochure; begin reading

      II. Wyrd and Orlog

      Includes oaths and blood-siblinghood; introduces idea of standards of

      Rationale: central principle of Germanic thought; informs everything


      Reading: Selected extracts from Egil's Saga.

      III. Gods and Other Etins

      Their nature; they are subject to wyrd; highlights of god-roster.

      Rationale: gives students an understanding of who offerings are made
      _to_ for next section. Keeps people reading the myths (begun in Part

      Activity: Choose a specific god; write/present a very short bio or
      description of that god, including something about personality or

      Reading: Finish Crossley-Holland. Begin ???

      Manny Olds <oldsma@c...> of Riverdale Park, Maryland, USA

      Sometimes you give a guy a fish, sometimes you teach him to fish,
      sometimes you establish a fisherman training school, and sometimes you
      have to let him find his own solution.
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