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Stav Organization Opening in USA

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  • hugh_b_long
    Folks, I thought this would be of interest to our Asatry community. Stav is based around the runes of the Younger Futhork......details below: Graham Butcher &
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 28, 2005
      Folks, I thought this would be of interest to our Asatry community.
      Stav is based around the runes of the Younger Futhork......details below:

      Graham Butcher & Hugh Long would like to announce the official launch
      of "Ice & Fire U.S.A." Stav (Northern European Mind-Body-Spirit System)

      website http://www.stav-usa.com

      As many of you may, or may not know, Stav is the authentic Northern
      European Mind-Body-Sprirt System (kind of like Western Tai-Chi in some

      It incorporates Rune Stances, Martial Arts - using unarmed combat and
      historical European Weapons such as the staff, battle axe, spear, and
      long-sword. It also encompasses health and healing techniques,
      meditation & herb & rune lore.

      Ice & Fire U.S.A. will provide:

      · A Minimum of 2 seminar opportunities annually in the USA with Graham
      Butcher or other senior Stav Instructor
      · A Members only section on the website (Ice & Fire USA or UK) with
      access to exclusive content such as: extended video clips of weapons
      drills, rune stances etc. Online PDF's of Stav Manuals and much more
      · Rich articles on Stav & related topics
      · Relevant source materials such as the Eddas
      · Topical Discussion Forums – for the Global Stav community (can be
      put inside a frame on any Stav site so that we all see and use the
      same forum – contact hugh@... for details)
      · Live Chat facility – get online and chat with other Stav
      folks…schedule a meeting and chat if you like.
      · Distance Learning Guidelines & Support material including video clips
      o Recognizing that in North America our members may be highly
      distributed, we have started putting together guielines and material
      to support the remote study of Stav until a student can attend a class
      and/or seminar, and to act as a reference for others.
      · A Wyrd Blog – regular updates via our blog
      · Stav Books and Merchandise for sale to members & the general public
      (mugs, t-shirts etc.)

      Please read on below for an introduction by our Master Instructor
      Graham Butcher.

      Welcome to the Ice and Fire U.S.A. Stav website.

      My name is Graham Butcher and I have been a student of Stav under Ivar
      Hafskjold since 1991. In 1996 I moved from Yorkshire in the UK to
      Oxford where I established a Stav Hov and began teaching students of
      my own. With the assistance of my students we began to develop ways of
      learning and practicing the essential knowledge and principles of the
      Stav tradition. This has developed steadily over the past 9 years and
      my group now has around 60 members, several of whom are now able to
      teach Stav in their own right.

      We organize regular courses and weekly classes in the U.K., where we
      attempt to teach, and encourage the practice of, as many aspects of
      Stav as possible. A large proportion of the training we offer is
      martial arts based since this provides a good frame work for regular
      teaching and practice of Stav. It also provides a dynamic way of
      exploring and testing our understanding of the principles of Stav.
      Training in all aspects of Stav is covered in our yearly cycle of
      training courses held in the South of the UK. I also have long
      established students in Germany whom I visit to teach and train with
      on a regular basis.

      Three years ago we set up Ice and Fire U.K. in order to better
      organize and manage the teaching and collective practice of Stav. In
      October 2005 I made my first trip to Virginia USA at the invitation of
      Hugh Long and others who had for a while been interested in Stav but
      not yet been able to begin training. We held a weekend course and I
      also gave as much private tuition as there was time for. We decided
      that we could begin the promotion and teaching of Stav in Virginia in
      a systematic and organized way. To this end we agreed on the following:
      · We would set up Ice and Fire USA as a sister organization to my UK
      based Ice and Fire group
      · We would establish a USA based website to promote Stav in Virginia.
      This website will also provide links to other Stav groups and teachers
      active in the USA.
      · Hugh would hold Stav training sessions at his home and teach to the
      level of his current expertise. At the present this covers the
      stances, staff exercises and two person training drills up to the Karl
      · I will travel to Virginia to teach at least twice a year. The next
      course will be in April 2006
      If you think Stav may be the path you have been looking for then I look
      forward to meeting you at our next training course.

      Graham Butcher October 2005

      Thanks in advance for your support!

      The Ice & Fire U.S.A. Team
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