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  • Manny Olds
    This gives me an idea. How about a technical report on Reading the Sagas ? A list of sagas, what they are each particularly interesting for (from a heathen
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      This gives me an idea. How about a technical report on 'Reading the
      Sagas'? A list of sagas, what they are each particularly interesting for
      (from a heathen point of view), etc. It could be a resource for an
      intermediate course and also stand alone.

      What other TRs could we do?

      Manny Olds (oldsma@...) of Riverdale Park, Maryland, USA

      "True diversity means being willing to live side by side with people who will
      never, ever agree with you." -- Drew Campbell

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      Angela R Turner wrote:

      > > Laxdaela
      > > Egil
      > Not familar with these, are they important reading?

      Laxdaela Saga is the only major saga in which a woman is the main
      character and the closest thing in saga-literature to a "romance novel"
      - Gudrun goes through four husbands but never ends up with the man she
      loves and in fact (this is a saga, after all) brings about his death.

      Egil is a poet, warrior, and rune-magician. People who are into magic
      like this one for the details about rune magic. I think it's worth
      reading for the poetry alone - "Sonnatorek," which Egil writes about the
      death of his son, is one of the truly great poems in northern

      > > Hrafnkel
      > > King Gautrek
      > > Vatnsdaela
      > > Viga-Glum
      > Ok, maybe I've seen these by different names
      > or I'm just not recognizing them.
      > Would you be so kind as to describe what type

      Hrafnkel, more fully Hrafnkel Freysgodhi. Worth reading because he's,
      well, a Freysgodhi. Includes the famous horse Freyfaxi dedicated to

      Gautrek: contains the famous dialog between Odhin and Thor, in which
      Odhin's blessings on the hero Starkadh alternate with Thor's curses.
      Also contains a vivid description of a human sacrifice to Odhin.

      Vatnsdaela - mainly about Ingimund the Old. When he is young, a Volva
      prophesies that he will move to Iceland. His small Frey amulet
      disappears as proof, and he finds it when he excavates his homestead in
      Iceland. This is the saga where it says that it was forbidden to carry
      weapons into a Freyshof.

      Viga-Glum. Frey appears in a dream in this one. There's a suggestion
      of competition between Frey and Odhin in this one - Frey is angry with
      Glum, but can't/won't do anything about it until Glum foolishly gives up
      his ancestral spear and cloak, which symbolize the protection of Odhin
      and/or his ancestors. There's also a sacred field where bloodshed was
      forbidden, oath-swearing in hofs, and other good stuff.



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