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986Re: [Asatru-U] Staff Meeting

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  • Ann Sheffield
    Apr 15, 2001
      Manny Olds wrote:
      > We will need to publicize the Beginner's course, too. Who would like to
      > take the lead on that? We can all do our bit in tacking flyers to
      > telephone poles, but we need a plan for reaching organizations, I think.

      Once the Beginners Course is up on the new domain, simply announcing
      this on the various email lists should reach a lot of people.

      I also think we should literally have flyers - I plan to go to
      Trothmoot, Starwood, and the East Coast Thing this year, and I think
      there would be interested potential users at all three. And, I know
      various other members of this group will be attending various other
      gatherings, so again our potential audience is large. I imagine the
      flyer as a one-page (front and back, attractively folded into thirds)
      description of the Beginners Course and the topics it covers. (Later,
      of course, we can add Glowing Testimonials from Satisfied Users as well
      as a description of the other courses as they shape up.)

      I could probably talk Bob Stine into doing some artwork for it - any
      ideas for a theme for the art? Come to think of it, I might be able
      talk Rob Shaver into doing the layout, too. Hmm - this basically boils
      down to whether or not the rest of my Kindred is interested in
      contributing to this project. I'll ask about this at our blot at the
      end of this month. If the Kindred decides we want to take it on, and if
      the AU group comes to some agreement about what should be in the flyer,
      we could probably start work on layout.

      And, I think we now have some ideas for how we could use grant money if
      there were any - paying for the domain, and printing & postage costs for
      publicity materials.


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