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975Re: Staff Meeting

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  • kadlinw@hotmail.com
    Apr 13, 2001
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      Manny Olds wrote:

      > Kadlin is putting in final micro-edits in the Beginner's course.
      > How does that stand?

      Just about done. I've been forced to work on it in bits & dabs, so I
      need to get a block of time to go through it one more time & make
      sure I haven't forgotten anything between sessions. Then Groa's
      going to take a final look at it. Should be done soon.

      > We will need to publicize the Beginner's course, too. Who would
      > like to take the lead on that? We can all do our bit in tacking
      > flyers to telephone poles, but we need a plan for reaching
      > organizations, I think.

      Diana Paxson wanted someone to write a short article on the course to
      be included in Idunna, I don't know if that was ever done or not.
      Perhaps something could be written for Lina as well? Does anyone on
      the committee have any connections with any other heathen newsletters
      that might publish a sort of "press release"?

      We should try to get the page indexed on "About.com", as well as some
      of the search engines as well. Someone want to write some metatags
      for the course? We need a very short summary of what it is so that
      it will come up elegantly on the search engines that use metatags.

      About.com's Asatru index is at:


      P.S. I see that About.com's "alternative religions" index today has
      a "spotlight" article on Asatru & racism:
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