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974Staff Meeting

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  • Manny Olds
    Apr 11, 2001
      Old Business

      Kadlin is putting in final micro-edits in the Beginner's course. How does
      that stand? What is our plan on Palmizing?

      I have registered the asatru-u.org domain and it will be up (with a "we're
      working on it" page) Real Soon Now. We can put the Beginner's course there
      when it is declared Shipped. Would someone like to work on a main page for
      the domain? And let's all hail Lorrie at our next sumbel for putting that
      domain up for us.

      We will need to publicize the Beginner's course, too. Who would like to
      take the lead on that? We can all do our bit in tacking flyers to
      telephone poles, but we need a plan for reaching organizations, I think.

      And we need to resume work on the Intermediate course now that we have an
      idea where the Beginner's ends. Please go to our Yahoo! Groups page and
      review message 500, which I think is where we left off on that.

      New Business!

      The Reeves Hall is eligible to apply for grants through the FWA, but first
      we have to think of what we would do with money. Any ideas on how to make
      Asatru-U better by judicious applications of cash? I think it would be
      decent to help defray some of Lorrie's expenses on the domain. But what

      Manny Olds (oldsma@...) of Riverdale Park, Maryland, USA

      "Reporters perform lossy compression on data." -- Jonathan W Hendry
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