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873Re: [Asatru-U] beginners course

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  • Manny Olds
    Feb 4, 2001
      On Fri, 2 Feb 2001, Ann Sheffield wrote:

      ) In the meantime, I'm a bit confused about the relationship between the
      ) Beginner's Course and the FAQ. The Course I see as designed for people
      ) who already are quite interested in Asatru, whereas some of the FAQ
      ) questions seem more like concerns of people who've just stumbled across
      ) us, people whose near and dear are becoming interested, etc. I.e., the
      ) FAQ seems to be a sort of "pre-beginners" document. I'd like to get the
      ) Beginners Course into a form we're comfortable announcing the world (I
      ) think we're very close now) before getting seriously involved with
      ) another project.

      I wanted to go over the section introductions and thought I would figure
      out the correspondences to the FAQuestions where they applied, so I could
      build in some references to the questions the course *does* answer.

      Manny Olds, (oldsma@...) of Riverdale Park, Maryland, USA

      "And there is always the zen pleasure of the project that no one in their
      right mind would ever undertake... " -- LAW (Leigh Witchel)
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