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  • Rick A. Riedlinger
    Sep 5, 2000
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      Hello all-

      Just to let you know that AU-novice is, in our opinion, finished. We will
      shortly be moving all our files, by postings, to this forum and dissolving

      We have our Beginner's Course Outline, the beginner's questionnaire,
      responses and summary, reading list info, and a partial list of links to the
      lore. We have dealt solely with online resources, excepting only what we
      consider required reading. We do recognize the need for alternatives to
      this, but have decided to see if those who are concerned about it, will work
      on it.

      As in any group, the level of participation varied, but every member of
      AU-novice contributed. Many decisions were arbitrary on my part. These I
      will accept responsibility for.

      While I have full confidence in many here, I hold little expectation of this
      going further. I would gladly be proven wrong.

      Because of my feeling, I will start to disseminate the Beginner's course to
      those who want it. It will be posted on Hbooks. It is marked clearly as not
      having been approved by Asatru-U. This course of action has not been
      objected to by the other members of AU-novice.

      I am holding copies of all files and will gladly make them available to any
      from AU who want them till they are filed here.

      Files are in both Word doc and plain text. Ari has offered to give them a
      home url at M.S. This will be free from any MS identification. I urge you to
      accept her kind offer. Alternately, they will be in a public accessible file
      at Heathenbooks.

      I am sure that improvements can be made to this course, as well as
      adjustments made to keep it updated.

      If any perceive a political slant, or if the inclusion of some links offend
      anyone, the responsibility is solely mine. Feel free to let me know of your

      Rick A. Riedlinger
      AU-novice co-moderator