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427Re: [Asatru-U] Mentors

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  • Swain Wodening
    Jul 4, 2000
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      On 23 Jun 00, at 13:05, Rick A. Riedlinger wrote:

      > Cannot the whole problem of mentors, training mentors, etc. be
      > replaced by the use of existing or new discussion groups.
      > In my day we didn't have any new fangled mentors, we had to work our
      > keyboards in the snow and at 28k- none of this 56k crap- and take all
      > the flack from an egroup until we learned enough to phrase a good
      > question AND people realized that we were just not going to go away.
      > Gave plenty of time to find who was compatible with our own beliefs,
      > and who was full of it.
      > Give a list of discussion groups with a description, a short rundown
      > on abbreviations (UPG, ROTFLMAO), etiquette (thou shalt snip the reply
      > down before you add- yeh, what she said!), and a warning about tone
      > being really hard to figure out by email.
      > People would find their own mentors.
      > Just an idea.
      > Rick

      I haven't got caught up on on the email in the list yet, so maybe
      someone mentioned this. The only problem with just providing a list
      of listserves and other groups online is that it leaves people offline
      without much of a way to find anyone. One of the problems with
      the net, is a lot of folks have forgotten how to (or never learned)
      offline networking. I used to keep a file cabinet of flyers, letters,
      and index cards of addresses and phone numbers. For those
      offline, we really need to provide some way to find a mentor.

      Dosenhof Wodenson

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