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2557Re: [Asatru-U] Taking the dust cover off....

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  • Lorrie Wood
    May 2 1:40 PM
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      On May 2, 2012, at 5:42, Manny Olds <oldsma@...> wrote:

      > Four sites, and all of them dust-covered.
      > I should say that they are that dull so that they could be fully
      > compliant with all assistive technologies when they were last used.
      > They weren't meant to be interactive dazzlers, just places to put info
      > for other people to gather. I have been wondering whether a Wiki would
      > be better now that more people understand how to make and use them.
      > Let's start with an idea of what we want to do, though, and then
      > fiddle the tech to get us there, not the other way around.

      I'm not necessarily in favor of a wiki conversion, as WordPress-as-a-CMS brings us to all of the same places for functionality without all the extra overhead. I also point out that by the time I'm done with a site, the text is high-contrast, the images have alt text, mouseover is /not/ required to find anything (it's not bad to add a little flavor, though), and one need *NEVER* play "hunt the link".

      Mostly, I'm sticking a bookmark in here to say: if we're revisiting this project—and I think this a good idea—the site needs to be hauled into the 21st century and allow multiple, vetted, editors whereof, but without losing site of our original emphasis on usability and accessibility.

      -- Lorrie
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