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2541Re: [Asatru-U] Question about spells and sacred times.

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  • Doug Freyburger
    Apr 10, 2012
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      "herblady27" herblady27@... wrote:

      >   Its general pagan traditions such as wicca that teach the waxing and the wanning of the moon and spellwork.

      Welcome Charlotte!

      A technicality - Wicca does not define general pagan traditions no matter they claim to.  Their claims of Borgdom do not actually make them Borg.  Hindu and Shinto at least pay Wicca no heed whatsoever and we resemble them at least as much as we resemble Wicca.

      > I've not done a whole lot of research on this but am wondering if there is anything in Asatru about the significance of certain times of the month or year and when to do spells

      This part is fairly hard to answer because -

      > or if spellwork is considered a part of the Asatru faith.

      I offer a cliche' -

      Wicca is a magical system that just happens to come with a religion.

      Asatru is a religion that just happens to come with a couple of magical systems.

      In Asatru it's quite acceptable to never practice any magic of any sort and it's common for our folks to take that approach.  In my very limited experience of Wicca and eclectic Pagandom there are a very small number of folks who do it for devotional or cultural reasons without practicing some sort of magic as well.  In my experience of Asatru nearly everyone who arrives because they had interest in runes or seidhr develops and interest in dealing with the Aesir, Vanir and allied spirits.  What the percentage of heathens is who are disinterested in magic is I'm not sure.  It's a lot.  Maybe even more than half of folks more than ten years in.  The runes and seidhr have this way of working themselves in through the cracks to be included so the "never practice" part might not be literally true for most but the number with a magical focus appear to remain a minority.

      Okay, so moving into the minority.

      The year has a vast effect on devotional observances and some of them like Charming of the Plow are magical in nature.  To me this means it should be natural that the time of year matters in some other spells.  Because the seasons were so strong an influence on the lives of our ancients, and because they knew the lunar month did not come out even when counted against the year, lunar months have far less influence on the stories in the existing lore.  To me this means spells not about something the Moon does are unlikely to benefit from reference to Mani.

      Your monthly cycle is a different story.  Runes were colored with natural pigments like ocher and blood.  With blood it could matter.  I've heard such referenced in conversations but no one has admitted to me that they had used menstrual blood to color runes.  Stuff happens that does not get admitted to.  References are made for symbolic purposes without a need for the referenced physical action.  Runes are symbols.  With symbols references count.
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