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  • Doug Freyburger
    Dec 2, 2008
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      "Stephen Glaser" liberator_9@... wrote:
      > I
      agree, also, it probably ought to be mounted in gold, instead of
      > silver, because Freya is associated with gold, and in legend
      > shedded
      tears of gold in her search for Her husband Odhr.

      Amber is golden in color and tear shaped. "Tears of gold" is not
      a bad kenning for bits of amber. It's so simple it could be used
      as a starting lesson in how to form kennings.

      This isn't to say that Freya dislikes gold, but to say that her
      shedding "tears of gold" can be completely symbolic, can be a
      kenning for the gold nuggets that can be found in streams, can
      be an origin myth for amber.

      While on modern UPG - Hot chocolate. Like Thor liking coffee
      plenty of moderns feel that Freya likes hot chocolate.
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