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2459Wisconsin Heathens

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  • Amanda
    Mar 29, 2007
      Forgive me for the cross posting, but I decided to follow Bert's
      "Missouri Heathens" posting suggestion, and easily set up a WI page,
      with the help of the guy from the USA page. So….

      I have set up a MYSPACE account to start networking all of the Wisconsin
      heathens. Please check out the link here and sign up as a friend if
      you are a heathen in the Wisconsin area. If you are NOT in Wisconsin,
      please follow the link in my friends list to Odin's Folk USA and see if
      your state is listed. If it is not keep checking back as it will be
      soon. Or if you have some time to set it up and manage it, please feel
      free to contact them and get your state listed.


      Frith tae all Kith and Kin,