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  • heroheather
    Nov 12, 2006
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      We don't mind at all, Audrey.
      One question back to you though...Where are you located?


      > 1. New to the group
      > Posted by: "audreydc1983" audreydc1983@... audreydc1983
      > Date: Sat Nov 11, 2006 4:09 am ((PST))
      > Hello, my name is audrey, and I have been interested in Asatru for
      > quite a while. Lately, I have had trouble with organizing my study of
      > the lore and I am seeking a group that I can study with that has a
      > little structure. I was drawn to Odin in my childhood, yet was
      > Christian, like my parents, until I decided that it wasn't right for
      > me (I was 12, maybe...) I went through neopaganism and wicca - but
      > they didn't seem to fit. When I found that Asatru existed, it was like
      > a dream come true - I could finally honor my ancestors by worshipping
      > the Gods they had worshipped. The trouble is, Asatruar seem to be very
      > private people, and are wary of those that ask about their religion. I
      > want to reach out slowly, practice solitarily for a little while, make
      > some friends, and when I'm comfortable, I'll approach a group to join
      > them in worship (hopefully.)I have a few books and am well read on
      > paganism, but books aren't a substitute for experience or a teacher -
      > Hope you don't mind if I learn with/from you.
      > Odin's blessings,
      > Audrey
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