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  • audreydc1983
    Nov 11, 2006
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      Hello, my name is audrey, and I have been interested in Asatru for
      quite a while. Lately, I have had trouble with organizing my study of
      the lore and I am seeking a group that I can study with that has a
      little structure. I was drawn to Odin in my childhood, yet was
      Christian, like my parents, until I decided that it wasn't right for
      me (I was 12, maybe...) I went through neopaganism and wicca - but
      they didn't seem to fit. When I found that Asatru existed, it was like
      a dream come true - I could finally honor my ancestors by worshipping
      the Gods they had worshipped. The trouble is, Asatruar seem to be very
      private people, and are wary of those that ask about their religion. I
      want to reach out slowly, practice solitarily for a little while, make
      some friends, and when I'm comfortable, I'll approach a group to join
      them in worship (hopefully.)I have a few books and am well read on
      paganism, but books aren't a substitute for experience or a teacher -
      Hope you don't mind if I learn with/from you.
      Odin's blessings,
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