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2312question on training

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  • Ratatask Thora
    Aug 22, 2006
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      I'm not sure whether this is the place to mention this, but I do have a few things that I would like to verify with this group and I don't know where else to do it. My Kindred is coming up with our own training program. It's a bit more in depth than Asatru-u, and slightly more interactive. We are going to post it on our website and we are crediting Asatru-U as helping us with structuring the program. We are also stating that Asatru-U is one of the resources that must be used for this program. Is there any objections to this? Is there anything else those in charge of this would like us to do to give Asatru-U due credit?

      Thank you.

      Su "Ratatask" Þóra
      Gythja of Eplagarðr Kindred (www.eplagarthrkindred.org)
      MD/VA/WV Steward, The Troth (www.thetroth.org)

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