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  • yngona desmond
    May 2, 2006
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      Jenn shared [[I've been dealing with another cycle of depression.
      [snip] I left with a perscription for happy pills. I don't want to
      take the damn things, [snip] .. history of the Norse people, [snip]
      They didn't whine .. they simply accepted thier situations or fought
      to make them better. I feel like, but taking a pill for being 'sad'
      all the time, I lose honor in the eyes of the Gods. [snip] To me,
      part of being Asatru is having the strength to deal with daily life
      issues in addition to any religious or spontaneous occurances. Is it
      weak to take these medications, even for a little while?]]
      ** No.

      Depression leaves one feeling desolate, and this needs be worked out
      through expression, which frees the body for improvement-progress.

      Doubt and fear is often naturally cast off by recognizing that they
      are self-inflicted or self-imposed limitations, so that once realized
      they are easily let go. However, this does not assure that
      rearranged doubt and fear will not emerge in their place.

      The entire body-mind-soul is stimulated to seek growth, development
      and satisfaction, which is why the mind is able to grasp a seemingly
      small event that will spontaneously release itself from - even if
      momentarily - depression or despair.

      If you are depressed bear in mind that it is natural and probable
      that every problem will be solved, that every problem has a

      Many who suffer from depression tend to devote themselves to the
      miseries of the world, which then creates more depression. But more
      so, this scenerio creates a highly prejudiced view of reality, one
      that negates the positive in favor of the negative. Creative,
      worthwhile and achieving moments exist in abundance, are ever
      present, and thoughts on them will bring about refreshment and
      release from tension.

      If you are depressed about world events then volunteer at a local
      level. If you are lethargic then resolve to perform a specific task

      Nature does not know damnation, and because we are all part of nature
      we cannot be damned. Instead we should consciously seek to activate
      those coordinates that promote our own peace of body-mind-soul, to
      quicken the healing process.

      No one can advice you to take or not take medication for your
      depression. However, when the mood is regulated chemically the mind
      may become confused - which is why your doctor is, I will assume,
      extremely cautious about giving your medication and hopefully you
      have related to him your reluctance to accept them.

      I have suffered from crippling depression, brought on by the death of
      my son. I never took medication, but then, I never had a history of
      depression prior to that event. Therefore, my advice to you is:

      -Refuse to worry about the future or the past or what your ancestors
      would have done.

      -Remind yourself that it is NOT inevitable for the most unfortunate
      of situations to take on the darkest tones.

      -Concentrate on the present moment, especially upon the pleasantness
      of what is pleasant. Always bring your mind back to what is
      delightful and pleasing.

      -Remember laughter and sunshine, the smell of spring flowers and the
      feel of cool breezes, the smell of homemade cookies and the sound of
      crisp snow underfoot - these simply pleasures will alleviate fear and
      doubt at least momentarily, which is all they need to be alleviated
      for - in the moment, right here in the Now.

      And at all times ...

      Live Deliberately!

      Völuspá - Seiðr as Wyrd Consciousness

      Thuleheim – Wanderings of a Wise Woman

      Vinland's Völva – Daily Mystic Musings
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