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  • michael cole
    Apr 29 5:22 PM
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      I think that whatever works, do it. It you are convinced you can pull out of it without the 'happy pills', then take that path. If you think that a pill here or there is needed, then do it. You must do what you feel is best for you, and best for your kindred. You know yourself better than anyone else, you know what works and what does not.

      As far as how tha ancients handled such things, we simply cannot know. the eddas and sags do not give us a cluse as to how the 'tribe' handled situations as this. But I have always thought that was the good thing about surronding yourself with kindred and folk. They protect you when you are hurt, whether that pain comes from within or from outside.

      I think that our relationship with our gods and goddesses makes our culture unique. They understand that we are not perfect. They themselves had their high points and low points. Odin had to deal with the knowledge of the fate that beheld them at Ragnarok. Tyr had to deal with the loss of his hand. But the bottom line is they did not just shrug it off and go on. They found things that worked for them. They found their special 'zone' to find comfort in.

      That is what I do when I meet my depressions. I can have bad ones. I actually tried suicide several years ago. Since then I have found a zone of comfort, something to try and draw strength from. That is what I believe gets me through the bad bouts. So find the inner strength that you can draw from, the one thing that makes it worth getting up in the morning. And if you must take the pill here and there untill you can find it, so be it. No one will condem you for trying to get through the day.

      I do not think the gods will think any less of you. I think they would look it as just another form of medication. I doubt they think less of a diabetic who must take his insulin as weak. They probably would be more worried if you did harm to your wyrd and orlog by letting your pride get in the way of living deliberately or well

      In frith


      Hail to the Æsir!
      Hail to the Asyniur!
      Hail to the bounteous earth!
      Words and wisdom give to us noble twain,
      and healing hands while we live

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