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2103open mind,and willing to learn/listen....

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  • Just ask ME!!!!
    Jul 12, 2005
      I am of Irish/Hungarian descent,which makes me,I guess Euro-American.
      I have always been fascinated by the ways of my Ancestors,and the ways
      of the Norsemen,and the tribes of Europe. I NEVER really bought into
      Christianity,at all,no metter how many "Americans" tell me that Jesus
      is "MY Saviour",I just do not care. What I do care about is getting
      back to the way of my European ancestry,the way they lived,and cared
      for one another within their tribe (something you don't see in the
      world anymore "Caring for your fellow man")I want to learn about what
      they believed in,what they though their ultimate destiny was,what they
      valued as sacred,and how they viewed life in general. Basically,I want
      to learn as much as I can about Asatru,and if SOMEONE,ANYONE,will
      please take some time to educate me,I am DEFINITELY WILLING to open my
      mind and listen,and it would be greatly appreciated.Thanks-TROY-
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