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2029New e-mail address for Karl

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  • Karl Donaldsson
    Dec 7, 2003
      Sorry for the cross-posting.

      I will be moving my e-mail and website by the end of this year to the lovely
      hosting service provided by my own kinsman, Dave Haxton. It really is the
      best service since sliced bread (as though that could have ever been

      Please note this change in your address books and links.

      I will be abandoning the Hotmail address I've been using at the first of the
      year, and I will leave a pointer on all sub-pages of my GeoCities website to
      point to the correct pages. It will remain up, pointers only, until
      GeoCities sees fit to can it.

      If you have a link, or know folks who do, please forward this notice to
      them. I will attempt to notify the folks I know of who've linked to my page

      For those who are wondering about the "hfg" address, it's "Happy Fat Guy."

      Frith upon your house
      Karl Donaldsson
      hfg@... http://hfg.ravenbanner.com
      Check out the Happy Fat Guy Pottery Studio!
      Member of the Kindred of Ravenswood
      Zionsville, Indiana USA
      To Vali! To Vengeance! To Honor! To Kin!
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