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1962Re: Introductions

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  • MC
    Oct 20, 2003
      Hi Manny and all!

      I just started the course about a week ago (currently reading the Do-
      It-Yourself Ritual kit. Very short and brief. Perfect to pack meat
      around the bones afterwards). I stumbled upon it while doing some
      research on Asatru. It turns out it was exactly what I was looking
      for! Even though some of the links were down, I managed to find
      pretty much every article except one.

      What I like the most is that it is gradual and gives a good overview
      of the different categories and possibilities. The fact that there
      are different voices all throughout the course keeps me interested
      and gives great website references!

      Contrary to many here, I am not of German descent. I'm in Canada,
      Ontario, but originally from Quebec where my ancestors have been for
      about 400 years after coming from France. I also started out on the
      Pagan/Wiccan path though I found Asatru through my husband. I found
      that I needed a solid religion. Even though it is being
      reconstructed, the basis are good and the background is real.

      What could be added to the list would be Fantasy books relating to
      either Asatru or Vikings. It makes this old world seem alive (when
      the book is good, obviously). One I would recommend is Warriors of
      the Way by Harry Harrison. I enjoyed it immensely and as I go
      through the course, I remember things from the book and I can now
      nod knowingly *grin*.

      A section on the old Norse language might also be interesting. There
      is a course on-line that I'm currently following and which is pretty
      user-friendly. A link to it would be graet if possible.

      Thirdly, a section on the story of the resurgence of Asatru.

      Well, that's pretty much it! If I think of more things after I
      finish reading, I'll post. Thank you very much for all the time and
      effort that is being put into this work. It is very appreciated and
      helps to keep the stories alive and kicking.


      > We are particularly interested in your comments on what about our
      > beginner's course has or has not met your needs. And what you
      would like
      > to see come after that.
      > Manny Olds (oldsma@p...) of Riverdale Park, Maryland, USA
      > Coordinator, Asatru-U (http://www.asatru-u.org)
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