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1942Re: [Asatru-U] New to group...

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  • >^..^< meow!!
    Sep 4 3:46 AM
      HI Cerri.. my name is Amie Luna... my magickal Asatru name I don't reveal... WHASSSUUUPPP??????? We all have germanic roots and seem to have ended up here huh? Isn't it amazing? I'd be very interested in reading your story, too...

      Oh by the way, I just joined this group... HI!!! I'm from MA near the CT border. Asatru as a whole is fairly new to me... My family is pagan and chock full of witches so I grew up that way. My kids are growing up that way also.... but I am exploring Asatru.

      Talk to you soon....

      Amie Luna

      mooncrier@... wrote:

      > I read some of your past posts, and was interested to see that I was
      > not the only one who started out on my path as Wiccan, but after
      > still feeling something was missing, found the Northern Tradition!
      > I decided to look into it in order to forge a better connection with
      > my ancestry (I'm of mostly German descent), & so far the little bit
      > I've learned really fits well with my personal beliefs.

      Greetings (and Merry Meet ;) Cerri,
      I'm one of those who started in the wiccan way, before deciding to return to
      my Germanic roots, so to speak. I still practice ritual the Wiccan way on
      Samhain, tho. Somehow, that just seems the right thing to do. I realize that
      doesn't sit well with the Asatru community, but that's the way it is.
      What is the story you wanted to relay? I'd be interested in reading it.
      Walk in Light,

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      not your ordinary dreamcatchers!
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