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1907Re: Poetic Edda Questions

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  • heathensailor <heathensailor@mobiletel.c
    Jan 4, 2003
      --- In Asatru-U@yahoogroups.com, "Bryan <blueface_warrior@y...>"
      <blueface_warrior@y...> wrote:
      > I have heard the story about the original book of Poetic Eddas
      > found in an old barn sometime in the 1700's. Does this original
      > book still exist today or has it since been lost?
      > One more, How much influence (if any) did Christianity have in
      > this book? There seems to be some similarities to the Chrisitan
      > bible in the Eddas. The most similar to me would be the Havamal.
      > Some of these stanzas seem very similar to some Proverbs.
      > Thanks for any help!


      This group isn't really set up to deal directly with these questions,
      so I'll be brief. For more, you may wish to join any of the several
      Asatru groups if your interest is religious, or otherwise a medieval
      history group.

      The Poetic Eddas were poems, handed down orally. After conversion,
      more or less, some of these were written down. Two or three
      manuscripts have survived. They are, I believe, now in Denmark, maybe
      Iceland. To our knowledge, there was not one complete authoratitve

      As to what influence christianity may have had, the discussion goes
      on. Opinions range from none to very extensive. Most of the
      manuscripts were written by christians, either monks or laymen as
      they were generally the only ones literate. Another question would be
      what classical influences were there.

      Similar expressions in different cultures do not mean a common
      influence. Also what was recorded may not be an accurate reflection
      of what was known or believed.

      Welcome to Asatru, the religion with homework.
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