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1883Rambling Musing

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  • Kevin Steffen
    Nov 1, 2002
      Heil Öll,

      Background - We're homeschooling our daughter this year so some of the
      PBS we normally would not watch are being watched for her studies. A
      series , Secrets of the Dead, is a forensic investigation of bodies
      found. eg - Stonehenge - a body found was late(?) to post dane
      occupation, presumably of an outlaw buried in unconsecrated ground. -
      Witchcraft- links the witch hysterias to ergot poisoning which includes
      the LSD precursor hallucinations, as well as convulsions, and death.

      Facts - A bog burial, sorry, could not get the site name properly from
      their pronunciation, was found in excellent condition. Cause of death
      was slit throat and/or massive trauma to back of head. Contents of
      stomach show last meal consisted of pork and grains which containted
      ergot. Analysis of gut demonstrates presence of the ergot poison
      assimilation, which is at the symptomatic stages.

      Ample evidence of bog burials in heathen cultures which have not been
      subjected to as extensive analysis as the above case. Conjectures for
      burials include sacrifices, and punishment. Most literature sites
      sacrifice by hanging, especially, but not limited to sacrifices to Wod'n.

      Musings - IIRC, there was a Celtic source which mentioned a practice of
      human divination by hallucination induced by Mistletoe poisoning. I
      know there was a popular fiction story where this occurred, then the
      person was sacrificed prior to death by the poisoning. IF some of the
      time correlated the hallucination to the black rye grains, and IF my
      recal of the Celtic source was correct, COULD this man found in the bog
      have been not just an unfortunate killed by his peers in the throws of
      hallucination that they took as possession or being Hag ridden, BUT a
      deliberate sacrifice by poisoning?

      Question - Since this does provide significant details concerning one
      bog burial, with the many bog burials seemingly relevant to our Heathen
      religion, and the mass of speculation concerning them, should we include
      a brief synopsis of this in a small section on bog burials/sacrifices in
      the intermediate course? There is supposed to be a section at PBS.ORG
      on this series at this time, but I have not been able to verify this as
      of this morning since the show aired last night.

      Night Winds

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